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Quality Child Care. Healthy Children.

Since 1988, Discovery Point has been committed to providing the best early childhood education possible to your children. We set our standards as high as possible in our curriculum, our staff, and our health and safety policies. Everything we do is dedicated to helping children grow intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially through our “whole-child” approach.

Our program is backed by research and evidence, ensuring that our children receive the very best education for the very best development. More importantly, our staff are hired according to our values and vision—as a result, each of our children receive an abundance of love and attention that helps them grow into healthy, well-adjusted students and people.

Every Discovery Point Child Development Center is designed from the ground up to be a welcoming and beautiful space for our children. From the open floor plan to the activities we schedule, everything is designed to help children make friends, learn how to play in groups, and teach themselves new skills.

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Our History

In 1988, Cliff and Diane Clark wanted to provide the children of their community with a nurturing environment, where teachers would show as much care and attention to the children as the children’s own parents would. They created the first Discovery Point in order to fulfill that mission, knowing that children grow best when surrounded by love and attention.

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Our Philosophy

The “discovery” in Discovery Point is only possible when children know they are cared for and loved. We maintain our high standard of nurturing and education because every Discovery Point Child Development Center adheres to our core values.

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  • Discovery Point

    "Our second family"

  • Discovery Point

    "It’s great having that sense of security knowing she is in a great school with loving teachers."

  • Discovery Point

    "They put a lot of love into the kids there, and it makes a difference."

  • Discovery Point

    "We couldn’t feel more secure, and she never wants to come home!"

  • Discovery Point

    "I feel very comfortable dropping off my daughter everyday knowing she is basically with family!"

  • Discovery Point

    "Anyone who does anything to help a child is a hero to me"

  • Discovery Point

    ""It takes a village...""

  • Discovery Point

    "Fabulous! Professional Staff - No Better Place"

  • Discovery Point

    "Love my little ones like family"

  • Discovery Point

    "They say “it takes a village to raise a child.” Thank you for being part of our village."

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