Four Musical Instrument Craft Projects to Inspire Your Toddler

Musical Instrument Crafts for Toddlers, music, crafts, toddlers, daycare, childcare, child care, preschool, pre-K, school, early educationNumerous research studies have found that exposure to music can have a significant positive effect on academic achievement. Children who are involved with music from an early age perform better on standardized tests and are more likely to excel in math later in their educational careers. At Discovery Point, we incorporate music play into our everyday schedules to help your child reach his or her full potential. Working with your young children to craft homemade musical instruments can help you to share the gift of music and to set the stage for academic success in the future. Here are four easy and fun musical instrument craft projects for your family to enjoy.

String Instruments

Cardboard tissue boxes and cigar boxes can be combined with rubber bands to create a wide range of homemade string instruments. Try varying the types of rubber bands or the tightness of these makeshift strings to raise or lower the tone produced. Also, be sure to leave plenty of open space under the strings to make sure that they can vibrate. Older toddlers can decorate the boxes and may even be able to pick out simple tunes by pressing down on the rubber bands at various points to produce specific notes on the scale. Depending on the physical dexterity and the attention span of your child, these instruments can be quite ornate and may even include homemade bows or picks to enhance the learning experience.

Wind Instruments

Glass bottles, especially those with narrow necks and wider bases, can be used to demonstrate the concept of wind instruments for toddlers and school-aged children. Filling each bottle with a different amount of liquid and then blowing across the top will produce a variety of tones. To make the experience even more fun for younger children, you can add flavored drink mix in a variety of colors to help in identifying the various tones and arranging them in order. Because water is involved, this may be a musical activity best suited for outdoor play.

Rattles and Shakers

Rattles are one of the most popular toys for babies. The distinctive sound and ease of use of these rudimentary musical instruments can provide a positive introduction to the concepts of rhythm and timing for even the youngest children. By putting a few dry beans or other hard objects inside a sealable container, your child can make their own rattles. Toddlers will love experimenting with different types of materials to discover the sounds each type of rattle can make.


Coffee cans and cylindrical oatmeal boxes can easily be transformed into drums with a little sealing tape and some brightly colored construction paper. Your toddler or preschool-aged child can use his or her hands or smooth sticks to produce unique sound patterns that can lead naturally into more complex rhythms and tonal melodies. By creating homemade drums in a wide range of sizes, you and your child can potentially create an entire rhythm section in your own home.

The child development experts at Discovery Point know the importance of music in the lives of young children. We set aside some time each day to sing and to explore musical concepts in fun and age-appropriate ways to ensure that each child reaches his or her full potential in their later academic pursuits.