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Healthy Meals and Snacks for Growing Children

As educators and parents, we know the importance of providing our children with fresh, healthy food. At Discovery Point Heritage, the meals and snacks we serve adhere to the highest standards of quality and nutrition. Our full-time on-site cook will prepare warm, healthy lunches every day, and our cafeteria is the perfect setting for children for children ages 18 months and older to develop valuable social skills while enjoying their meals.

As a sign of our commitment to healthy eating, we will also serve organic milk! Conventional milk often contains hormones, antibiotics, or pesticides, whereas organic milk offers:

  • Essential vitamins and nutrients

  • Heart-healthy fatty acids and higher protein content

  • and it’s free from chemicals and preservatives!

We can’t wait to share our love of healthy living with your family. See our Enrollment Page to register for a tour today!