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  • Alicia Watson

    Alicia Watson


    Alicia Watson has always had a passion working with young children. In her first years of College she realized she wanted to work with young children. She then attended Danville Community College of VA and received her Associates Degree in Early childhood Education. While in college Alicia also got to explore in the field of being an author as she wrote a book called The Gecko. Shortly after graduation she moved to Henderson NC where she currently lives with her husband. “Watching children learn and explore the world around them amazes me. To watch them achieve something they have been working hard to do is the best award I could ever receive. I may be the adult in the classroom, however I learn a lot from the children in my classroom.” Having Alicia here has brought in a new level energy and out of the box thinking. The children love to see what she has planned next. Everything she has planned comes from her heart of gold.

  • Carissa Roberson

    Carissa Roberson


    Carissa Roberson has worked with young children for the past 14 years. While in high school, Carissa took EDU classes and received her Early Childhood Credentials. After graduation, she continued her education in early childhood, and in 2009 she received her Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood. After being a lead teacher for several years, she became a School Safety Coordinator. “Working with young children has always been a passion of mine, even before I had children of my own. Every child is special in his or her own way. They are our future and that makes being a teacher a very rewarding job. Seeing a face light up when a child does something for the first time or learns something new is one of the best things in life. I love working closely with families to make sure their children grow and learn in a healthy, safe environment. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Discovery Point Heritage, my family, and myself.”

  • Jennifer Russell

    Jennifer Russell


    Ms. Jennifer Russell has completed Childhood Education class 119, which means she has her NC Credentials to work in a licensed child care center. She also has fifty credit hours of Early childhood coursework, and she has only seven more classes to take until she earns her associates degree in Early Childhood Education. Jennifer has three years of experience with working with children other than her own. She has two children, a seven years old and a three years old. She has worked with children from birth to seven years of age. I have always loved being around and working with children. As a teenager, I did a lot of babysitting for family and friends, but I realized that I wanted to go into this profession after my first child was born. I gain satisfaction out of teaching children new things and watching the results in action. I love watching them learn and grow in general, and I believe that one should love what they do in order to succeed at their job. I feel like I have found what I was meant to do. Being a good role model is important to me, and I want to make a difference in the lives of the children I care for. It is a priority of mine to create positive relationships with children and always do my best to boost their self-confidence and make them feel important. I’m so happy to have this wonderful opportunity to do what I love for a living.

  • Jharai Mychelle Lopes

    Jharai Mychelle Lopes


    Ms. Mychelle comes from a large family. She moved to Wake Forest in June of 2007 from Rhode Island. She has been working with children for 8 years, starting out babysitting and being a nanny. She took Early Childhood classes in high school and is attending Wake Tech to further her education in Early Childhood. “Children have always captured my heart and seeing them learn and grow makes me love what I do!” I live in Rolesville with my spunky two years old daughter, Gia and our two fish. In our spare time, we travel, attend dance, do crafts, cooking, and spending time with daddy and the family. Having Gia at an early age has grown my appreciation for Early Childhood teachers. I love working with children of all ages and I am very excited to be welcomed into the Discovery Point family.

  • Lisa Matzner

    Lisa Matzner


    Lisa Matzner is a Franklin County resident. She enjoys spending her extra time with her three grown daughters and four grandchildren. Lisa has been working with children from birth to school age for over 15 years. She holds an Associate’s degree in Education along with a certification in Special Needs. “I believe no two children learn the same. They are all different in their unique way and as teachers it is our job to provide a safe and structured environment while making sure the children are having fun. Working with special needs has helped me learn and grow as not only as a teacher but as an individual. My favorite thing as a teacher is to see the smile on a child/children face when they learn something new. I believe it is important to work close with the families to help them grow and be the best they can be.” Ms. Lisa is a very active teacher that gets to know each child on an individual basis. They enjoy her creative science experiments and storytelling.

  • Rebbecca Amartey Amarh

    Rebbecca Amartey Amarh


    Rebbecca Amartey Amarh, and husband Samuel, moved to the United States from the United Kingdom in 2005 when they settled in Jamaica, New York. Her husband’s recruitment into the army took them to Junction City, Kansas, Savannah, Georgia and then to Raleigh, North Carolina. Mrs. Rebbecca has her Bachelors’ degree in Business Administration and a Masters degree in Education. “We have been in this city for over 2 years with our two children Joy and Samuel and we have come to love it. My deep love for children got me into the Child Care Profession in 2008 and I have been in it ever since. I have had the opportunity to teach children from infancy through the kindergarten level. I do believe that the child care experience for every child should be full of fun. Every child is unique and thus activities planned in the classroom must be tailored to meet each child’s need. I also believe that it takes the partnership between parents and teachers for each child to be successful academically. I do look forward to working with you as we develop the potential in the future leaders of tomorrow.”

  • Rebecca Prusak

    Rebecca Prusak


    Join us in welcoming Rebecca Prusak as she joins our team of teachers. Rebecca has been working with children for eight years and received her Bachelor’s degree in Child Development at Meredith College. She began her career in childcare at the age of 16 as an intern. Throughout her experience, Rebecca has worked with children between the ages of 6 weeks and 12 years. She truly believes children are our future. “They will be the ones taking care of us one day, therefore it is our responsibility to take care of them now in order to make the future as bright as possible.” She believes that children learn best through play and aims to make that apparent in the classroom. Rebecca lives in Wendell and enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, Caleb, and their two cats and puppy.

  • Savannah Alford

    Savannah Alford


    Savannah Alford is a Rolesville resident. She earned her Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education from Vance Granville Community College in May of 2010. She has been working with children of all ages for 9 years. Her favorite age group is the toddlers and twos. She spends any of her free time with her two boys, Hunter and Dakota. She has never been far from family and has lived in this area her whole life. "Every child is different. I love watching children grow and learn. It means the world to me when a child can come up to you and say your name and the parents see the bond between teacher and child. You have to treat each equally but at their own level. My favorite thing as a teacher and being able to be a kid again with them. The children love when you get on the floor and play with them. I also believe in "let them be kids", let them get dirty with paint as they are making memories. Ms. Savannah is a great asset to the Discovery Point team. She loves the children as they were her own. She is very active with the children and loves getting on the floor and playing with them.

  • Wanda Brinkley

    Wanda Brinkley


    I am currently enrolled in Vance Granville Community College pursuing my associate degree in Early Childhood Education. I am a proud mother of 2 girls and 2 boys. A grandmother of 2 beautiful girls, Jaida and Di’yonna and a Godmother of 2 girls and 1 boy. I have always loved caring for children. I knew long ago that being in the childcare field is what I wanted to do. I’ve cared for Infants, Toddlers, Two year old’s and have also worked with school-age children for more than 5 years. I love seeing children laugh, learn, and grow. My heart is filled with joy every time I see a child happy and smiling. Working with Discovery Point I hope to bring smiles to all the children’s faces. I spend most of my time with my family and spoiling my grandchildren.