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About the Manager/Owner

Susan Maloy, our DP44 Owner has been involved in our daycare from the first day seven years ago. As a native Loganville resident, Susan Maloy, married to Louie Maloy is also well versed in the day to day operations of our center. Susan is a mother of two children and two grandchildren. Susan is a great help to our center, the kids love her and she helps in every aspect of the daily operation. Susan has always been involved with children and community. Those two items are how she functions everyday helping our center to strive to be the best. Susan takes the time to check on the children and to ensure that each child is receiving the best care possible. Susan will be on site at different times throughout the week and she is always available by appointment if you may have any questions.

Michelle Gilley is our on site Manager/Owner for Discovery Point #44. Michelle is married with two children who are 5 and 3. Michelle is on site daily to help with the day to day operations and to ensure the best care for our children. Michelle enjoys working with children and is a very “education driven” mother and she would like the center to reach its full potential in care and education. Michelle has been a resident of Walton County for the past 21 years and offers a vast variety of experience that has brought her to Discovery Point. Along side of Ms. Janice and Ms. Tina, Michelle will work very hard to help your families with anything you need.

Michelle is excited to be a part of the Discovery Point team and would like nothing more than to meet your children today!!! Schedule a tour today and visit Michelle, Janice or Tina to learn more about our school and the day to day activities. One thing I have realized is I should have been involved in childcare years ago…not only is it an absolute blessing but it is the most rewarding adventure I have ever been associated with in my life. Ifeel like parents are so torn at times with having to work but having to leave their children behind for the day. I want the children to have a wonderful experience and parents to be able to work without regrets. I strive to offer a preschool environment with childcare hours. Simply allow children to enjoy learning and parents to see the difference.