Preschool Classes

Encouraging a Lifelong Love of Learning

At Discovery Point, 2 year olds are placed in our preschool program. Children at this stage are typically active, learning, and busy, easily engaged and eager to explore and discover. Toddlers need lots of attention and supervision. We keep our teacher to student ratio low, so all the kids in our program can have access to the attentive care they need.

Our preschool program at Discovery Point balances guidance from our skilled caregivers with increased opportunities for student independence. This helps encourage confidence in our students.

Our goal is to help all of the children in our program grow and thrive.

Preschool Curriculum

Our special curriculum for toddlers balances independence with teacher guidance, emphasizing holistic development. This means that we make every effort to incorporate opportunities for growth and learning across all spectrums: physical, cognitive, emotional, and sensory.

At this age, our curriculum is focused on:

  • Hands-on learning opportunities
  • Establishing a consistent, but flexible, routine
  • Providing opportunities for individuality and independence
  • Increasing choices
  • Building on new social concepts

Structure is important for childhood learning and development. While consistency gives children confidence, we also make sure to stay flexible, allowing children to exercise self-assertion and make choices in regards to growth and learning. While toddlers are beginning to learn in group settings, our teachers still make sure to offer them opportunities to establish individuality and self-assertion.

Preschool Room

The preschool classrooms are built with children of this age group in mind. We keep our floor plans bright, open, and sunny, for maximum teacher visibility, so children have a safe space to explore and exercise independence while staying safe. We provide special playgrounds for infant and toddler classes, ensuring safe peer play. The preschool room is equipped with toys and materials that are carefully chosen based on our students’ developmental stage. Every child has a space for personal things and supplies from home. Parents supply baby wipes and diapers until their toddler is completely potty trained. We sanitize all toys throughout the day and wash sheets every week.

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