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Track Out

Outdoor Fun, Fitness & Field Trips

Physical activity is a core principle of development for children. They can learn, grow, and stay healthy through all types of physical fun, from fitness activities to field trips. You can discover a year of fun, excitement, and fitness here at Discovery Point when you sign up your child in our Track Out program.

You can be confident knowing that your child’s day will be filled with purposeful fun, learning, physical activities, and exciting field trips.

Opening Up Your Child’s Eyes to Adventure

Discovery Point’s Track Out program is uniquely designed to be engaging for children of various age groups. We strive to create experiences that open your child’s eyes to a new world of discovery and adventure.

Our program is full of various activities including:

  • Cooking projects
  • Experiments
  • Physical fitness activities
  • Weekly competition
  • Field trips to parks, attractions, museums, and more
  • Guest speakers and special lessons

Our teachers use weekly themes to tie together fun and activity with special lessons, with a primary focus on getting up and getting activate throughout the date.

Discover Fun, Fitness & More with Our Track Out Program

At Discovery Point, we believe in helping children develop in a holistic manner. This means we take into consideration every aspect of a child’s growth, learning, and understanding. We strive to create analytical thinkers, passionate learners, and curious creators. Whether playing at the park or cooking up a new experiment, we make sure children stay engaged and active through Track Out.

Get more information about our Track Out program by calling Discovery Point at (888) 979-7254.

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    "Love my little ones like family"

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    "Daily my child comes home with another project or activity that shows once again, she was learning all day long while I was gone."

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    "They say “it takes a village to raise a child.” Thank you for being part of our village."

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    "Anyone who does anything to help a child is a hero to me"

  • Discovery Point

    "Loved and cared for our daughter, like she was their own"

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    "It’s great having that sense of security knowing she is in a great school with loving teachers."

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    "BEST IN TOWN!!!"

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    "Fabulous! Professional Staff - No Better Place"

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    ""It takes a village...""

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    ""My children are my World" Glad they are in Good Hands"

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