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  • Veronica Moore

    Veronica Moore


    Center Director - Veronica has 2 children of her own. She loves seeing the children smile when they are dropped off and cry when they are picked up. "It makes me feel great knowing I'm running such a great program with great teachers. I couldn't ask for a better position at a great place."

  • Bridgette Bunn

    Bridgette Bunn

    Assistant Director

    Assistant Director - Bridgette has 2 children and has a CDA in Preschool. She truly loves what she does because she is able to develop a close relationship with the children and their parents.

  • Angela Minnick

    Angela Minnick

    Lead Teacher

    Pre-K Lead Teacher - Angela has 1 child. She loves working with Pre-K because she wants their first experience with school to start on a positive note.

  • Destiny Hunt

    Destiny Hunt

    Lead Teacher

    Lead Teacher Preschool 2 - Destiny really enjoys teaching the 3 year olds and getting them ready for GA Pre-K. She also loves the student-teacher bond that she has with the children because each child has a different personality. Destiny loves walking in the building knowing that she is helping someone's child learn how to make a difference in the world and in their personal life.

  • Jessica Moore

    Jessica Moore

    Lead Teacher

    Preschool 1 Teacher – Jessica (Didi) has 2 boys with her husband of 10 years. She strives to be the teacher she needed when she was a child.

  • Leslie Tobler

    Leslie Tobler

    Lead Teacher

    Lead Teacher Pre-3 - Leslie has 2 children. She loves teaching children because they are our future.

  • Qudia Liggins

    Qudia Liggins

    Lead Teacher

    2 Year Old Class Teacher Assistant - Qudia loves teaching 2 year olds because they are like sponges. She loves the reaction she gets when they understand what she's teaching.

  • Shekiera Leonard

    Shekiera Leonard

    Lead Teacher

    Shekiera is currently attending Georgia State for Early Childhood Education. She loves working in childcare because she gets to teach each child and watch how they grow from infant to toddler and so on. Shekiera loves the fact that children learn from simply watching and going through their every day routine. "It's all about the teaching experience and I feel as though no child is ever to young to learn."

  • Martha Granados

    Martha Granados


    Toddler Teacher - Mrs. Martha is married with a daughter. She has been in childcare for several years and has been with Discovery Point for 5 years. She has taught several of our Toddlers both English and Spanish words! “I love children and wouldn’t ask for a better opportunity than to teach them everything they need to know into becoming a preschooler. She is loved by both children and parents!

  • Paula James

    Paula James


    Pre-3 - Paula has 4 of her own children. She loves working with children because every day is a new adventure and another chance to learn and grow.

  • Renne London

    Renne London


    Beginner Class Teacher - Renne has one child and is expecting another. Renee loves teaching the 12-18 month class because each child learns to interact with children their age and learns critical motor and eating skills.

  • Shatera Bell

    Shatera Bell

    Teacher Assistant

    Pre-K Teacher Assistant - Shatera likes working with children at a young age because it is easier to inspire, encourage, and influence them.

  • Dina Alvarenga

    Dina Alvarenga


    Cook - Mrs. Dina is our wonderful cook. She ensures all meals and snacks are ready on time. Aside from cooking all the meals for the Center, Mrs. Dina is extremely attentive to all the food allergies children may have as she knows which child has allergies and to what they have allergies to. She is well known by all the children and receives many hugs from them. She ensures to meet all her training each year in Childcare and food preparation.

  • Jeneva



    Jeneva has 2 boys and moved to Georgia from New York after graduating with her Medical Assistant Degree. Besides being a mother, Jeneva has a heart and passion to be around children. She looks forward to teaching her kids in ways that will help them moving forward.