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March 16, 2022
Child crawling through tunnel during child care services in Polo Fields

Child Care Services in the Polo Fields Area: Connecting Families and Education

When searching for child care services in the Polo Fields area, you want to find comprehensive care for your child. Our age-appropriate programs at Discovery Point Bethelview feature a unique approach to child care, offering students educational opportunities every day. 

How Our Child Care Services Connect Local Families with Education

We have designed our programs to be an extension of your child’s home environment and experience. Each of our programs combines comprehensive care with opportunities for growth. We host our child care services in a nurturing environment, featuring age-appropriate materials and bright decor. When you choose Discovery Point Bethelview, you can rest assured we have everything covered.

Our programs are available for children as young as 6 weeks old and up to 12 years old. We bring a holistic approach to child care, combining education with hands-on activities and games that make learning fun for our students.

Here are some key elements of our child care services:

  • Learning and growth: Our programs include opportunities for intellectual, physical, and social growth. We encourage our students to build age-appropriate knowledge and skills.
  • Safety and security: The safety of our students is our top priority. Our center features a keypad-locked entrance, and we conduct visitor ID screenings daily.
  • Health and nutrition: We serve USDA-approved meals daily to properly fuel our students for learning and fun.
  • Curriculum: We use research-based curriculums in each program to provide well-rounded content for our students.
  • Quality assurance: Our center undergoes frequent inspections and evaluations to keep up our high-quality care.

Connect with Discovery Point Bethelview

We’re proud to support local families with quality child care services that are available in Polo Fields, Cumming, and throughout the surrounding areas.

We offer a free tour of our center to families who are interested in our programs. Your tour will include a look inside our child-friendly classrooms and an opportunity to see our programs in action. Tours can be scheduled at your convenience by calling us or visiting our location.

Call us at (770) 205-5170 to get started with our child care services in the Polo Fields area. We’ll be happy to help you find a program that will meet your child’s needs.