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July 1, 2016

5 Independence Day Craft Ideas for Your Preschooler

Creating unique Independence Day craft projects can provide your preschooler with an added appreciation of this national holiday. Adding a personal touch to your Independence Day celebrations can ensure that even the youngest members of your family feel inspired and patriotic this year. At Discovery Point, we have collected five of the most brilliant arts and crafts projects for you to share with your preschooler this Independence Day.

Wind Sock Cups

A simple paper cup and red, white and blue crepe streamers can be the building blocks for beautiful windsock designs courtesy of your preschooler. Drawing stars, stripes and other patriotic designs on the outside of the cup and then using glue or tape to attach the streamers can provide you with a colorful way to celebrate the Fourth of July this year. For a more durable result, using plastic cups and cloth ribbons can allow outdoor use for these decorative handmade items.

Fourth of July Fruit Salad

Strawberries, blueberries and other seasonal fruits can form the basis for a kid-friendly fruit salad. Peeled bananas can be sliced to provide a white contrast against the red and blue of the other fruits. By using a cookie sheet or serving tray to arrange these fruits into a flag shape or other design, you and your preschooler can create an edible arrangement perfect for family get-togethers and for sharing with guests during your Independence Day celebration.

Glue and Glitter Fireworks

Gold, silver and colored glitter and a container of nontoxic liquid glue can turn an ordinary piece of construction paper into a fabulous fireworks display. Simply help your preschooler to create starburst shapes on a piece of dark-colored paper with a regular glue bottle. Then carefully shake different colors of glitter onto these glue patterns. Once dry, you and your child will have a beautiful and artistic representation of the fireworks displays characteristic of this American holiday.

Fabulous Fourth of July Hats

Felt or foam can be used to make a headband that can be adorned with your child’s own selection of stickers, streamers and other decorative touches. Glitter and markers can also help your preschooler create a unique look for his or her new headgear. For even more fun, visit a crafts store and select some plain caps or hats that can be adjusted to fit your child. A little help with sequins, ribbons and patches can help your child create the perfect look for his or her Independence Day celebration.

Coffee Filter Fireworks

Another safe way to enjoy fireworks is to help your preschooler cut intricate designs into a coffee filter. Brightly hued markers and glitter applications can provide a burst of brilliant color, while the circular shape of these household items make them a natural medium for creating fireworks. These artworks can then be attached to a string or thread and suspended from the ceiling to create an array of fireworks for you and your child to enjoy.

Food, fun and fireworks are the main attractions at most Fourth of July parties. The professional educators at Discovery Point can provide you with added tips on staying safe and making the most of this holiday. We specialize in providing the best and most educational experiences for your little ones throughout the year. The entire team at Discovery Point wishes you and your family a safe and happy Independence Day!


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