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September 1, 2021
family dances celebrating national dance day in september

A Month of Celebrations in September

When you have young children who are not quite of school age, September may seem a bit anticlimactic, especially if they have siblings who are settling into the routine of the academic year. However, there’s plenty to look forward to in September for all ages! In addition to the easing of the summer heat and the brisk feeling of fall coming on, September is jam packed with holidays to celebrate. Mark these on your calendar, and let the family fun begin!

National Wildlife Day – September 4

National Wildlife Day comes at the perfect time of year. While the weather is still warm but not excruciatingly hot, there’s an opportunity to explore the natural wildlife in your local area with your children. Whether you live near a wildlife sanctuary or national park or simply want to head over to the local zoo, setting aside time to appreciate nature is important for young learners who are just starting to explore the world around them.

Even if you’d rather not dedicate a whole day to traveling to see wildlife near you, you can still encourage your children to learn more about wildlife at home. Whether by watching their favorite animal-centric movie, counting the number of different birds they can see in the backyard, or having them draw or paint their favorite animal, there are many ways to celebrate this important day.

Looking for additional inspiration? Check out the National Wildlife Day website for details about the history behind this holiday and suggestions for getting your community involved in using this day to spread wildlife awareness.

National Read a Book Day – September 6

Bookworms don’t need a special day to crack open their favorite read, but it sure is nice to know there’s a holiday dedicated to reading! Whether your children devour books or haven’t quite fallen in love with the written word yet, you can take advantage of this holiday to celebrate the magic of literature.

Head on over to your local library or your favorite neighborhood bookstore to peruse the shelves with your children and pick out a few works that could potentially become their favorite reads. If your children aren’t signed up for their own library card yet, today is a great day to make that happen!

National Grandparents Day – September 12

With so much focus on parents on Mothers Day and Fathers Day, grandchildren don’t always have a dedicated opportunity to shower their grandparents with love. Fortunately, that’s what National Grandparents Day is for! 

If the grandparents live nearby, this is an excellent time to meet up for a meal or fun outing. You could even have your children spend the day crafting and then presenting their grandparents with homemade gifts.

Even if Grandma and Grandpa live in another city or state, there are still meaningful ways to celebrate National Grandparents Day. They’ll certainly appreciate a handmade postcard or even a simple video chat. No matter how you choose to spend the day, it’s sure to help your children bond with their grandparents in new ways.

National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day – September 13

If your kids have been itching to get messy in the kitchen, there’s finally a reason to let them loose and see what they can create. Before the big day, explore some recipes with your children online or in a family cookbook to see what they may be interested in making. Then, take a trip to the grocery store to make sure you have all the necessary ingredients on hand.

Depending on your child’s age and maturity level, you can either supervise or take over certain tasks (such as chopping and frying) for them while letting them handle garnishes and flavor combinations. As you sit down to enjoy your freshly made treats, consider popping on a cooking-related movie such as Ratatouille or a series like Top Chef Jr.!

National Dance Day – September 18

On National Dance Day, encourage every member of the family to bring more movement and music into their lives. If your children are in dance classes, this is a good opportunity to let them take the lead and teach you one of their routines. Then, create a new dance together to be performed in front of the rest of the family or, if need be, an audience of stuffed animals!

Don’t have any dancers in your household? Turn to the National Dance Day resources at the Kennedy Center’s website. From beginner ballet to dance cardio, there’s a ton to learn for both you and your kids!

National Family Health and Fitness Day –  September 25

Created by the Health and Information Center, National Family Health and Fitness Day has been around since 1996. Take advantage of this holiday to do a much-needed reset of your family’s approach to health and fitness. Whether you choose to take a walk together, visit a local farmer’s market, or start a week- or month-long challenge, you won’t regret investing this time into promoting your family’s health.

With so much to celebrate in September, it’s sure to be a fun and busy month for the whole family! We hope these ideas have inspired you to keep your eyes peeled for something to celebrate every day of the year.