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July 28, 2014

Discovery Point Teacher Publishes His First Children’s Book

Discovery Point is proud to congratulate JaColby Zackery, pre-k assistant and summer camp teacher, who recently published his first book! “The Adventures of Charlie: First Day of School,” is intended to help our youngest readers approach a new learning environment with comfort, confidence, and enthusiasm. Here are a few highlights from our interview with Mr. Zackery about what he’s learned from working with young students.

How has your experience as a teacher influenced the writing of your first book?

“It influenced it a lot. It’s important for me to help kids from the situation I see as a teacher…. I see kids on their first day of class being frightened. I felt like it was only right to put what I see in the book.”

What would you like children and their parents to learn from reading about Charlie’s first day of school?

“First and foremost, I want parents to remember that children are excited about reading. All the kids that came in contact with [the book], they love the pictures, love the colors. It’s never too late to start reading. The book is for Pre-K aged children, so the kids love to read and figure out the words. Even if they don’t know [the words] yet, they make them up.”

Is there a sequel planned?

“Yes, I already have the next two books outlined!”

Discovery Point applauds the publication of this wonderful book and Mr. Zackary’s commitment to his students. To learn more about the Wonderful World of Charlie, visit Mr. Zackery’s website or order your copy of “The Adventures of Charlie: First Day of School” on Amazon here.