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December 3, 2015

Five Creative Craft Projects to Share with Your Preschooler This Christmas

The holiday season is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with friends and family. Creating Christmas-themed craft projects with your preschool-aged children can not only provide a fun way to bond with your little ones but can also provide treasured keepsakes for many years to come. Here are five of the best Christmas craft projects for your preschooler curated by the educational experts at Discovery Point.

Personalized Christmas Stockings

Depending on your own level of sewing and crafting skill, you can purchase pre-made stockings to decorate or can create your own from felt and rickrack. Colorful buttons and felt cutouts can be glued or sewn to the stocking. Letter appliques can also be used to spell out your preschooler’s name in bright colors. Helping your young child to create his or her own personalized stocking can help them get into the Christmas spirit this holiday season.

Colorful Christmas Cookies

Icing, sprinkles and homemade sugar or gingerbread cookies can add up to a fun and exciting project for you and your preschool-aged children. By allowing your children to decorate their own cooled cookies with sprinkles and different icing colors, you can enjoy a delicious and educational activity with even the youngest preschoolers in your home. Best of all, these cookie creations can be consumed at snack time for even more fun.

Homemade Christmas Cards

Construction paper, glue and colorful cutouts form the basis for this holiday craft project. Depending on your supplies and your child’s motor skills, you can customize these cards in a number of ways:

  • By outlining a pattern in glue and sprinkling glitter over the finished design, your child can create a sparkling masterpiece for a special family member or friend.
  • Bending and gluing paper to the front of your card can produce a 3-D effect for Christmas trees, ornaments and other decorative appliques.
  • Using safety scissors to cut lightweight paper into snowflakes can provide added appeal for homemade cards.

Allowing your child to express his or her own ideas can make these Christmas cards truly special and can increase the sense of pride your preschoolers feel in their creations.

Custom-Made Gift Tags

Cardboard or construction paper can be cut into cute and colorful shapes and decorated with colored pencils, stickers and glitter. A hole punch can then be used to cut a hole in the top. With the addition of Christmas ribbons or lengths of string, these unique tags can adorn any gift to make it extra-special for grandparents, aunts and uncles and other members of your immediate and extended family.

Keepsake Ornaments

Plain shatterproof ornaments can serve as the building blocks for treasured keepsakes that will adorn your family tree for many years to come. By allowing your little ones to finger-paint their own designs on these colorful Christmas decorations, you can create shared memories that will warm the hearts of your family for many holiday seasons in the future.

The teachers and administrative staff at Discovery Point specialize in helping toddlers and preschoolers reach their full potentials. We provide daily enrichment activities and hands-on projects that engage your child and ensure that he and she acquires the skills and confidence needed to take on the challenges of their future academic pursuits. These Christmas crafts projects can allow you to continue the learning experience at home during this joyous holiday season.