Discovery Point Blog

March 18, 2016

Five Questions to Ask When Touring a Childcare Facility

Asking the right questions can help you to ensure the most positive experience for your child in a childcare environment. Taking the time to discuss your expectations with administrators and teachers and to tour the facility before enrolling your child can provide you with added peace of mind and confidence in your decision. Here are 5 important questions to ask staff at the childcare facilities you are considering for your child.

How Qualified are the Teachers?

Certified or accredited teachers have the training and educational background needed to manage a wide range of common issues in the childcare center environment. This can ensure that your child has the support necessary to achieve a higher degree of success in the early childhood education environment. Well-qualified teachers create a safer and more productive setting for learning experiences.

How Safe is the Center?

Knowing that your child is safe while not in your care is paramount. Parents should inquire about fire safety measures and evacuation plans as well as the frequency of disaster drills. At Discovery Point, we conduct monthly tornado and fire drills and ensure that evacuation plans are posted and that all emergency exits are clearly marked. All Discovery Point buildings have smoke alarms and fire sprinkler systems and all fire extinguishers are checked on a yearly basis. In addition, all of our playground areas are fenced and securely gated.

How do you Communicate with Parents?

Your child’s teacher may send out regular emails or daily written reports of activities, learning experiences, food consumption and other aspects of the school routine. These informational updates can allow parents to take a more active role in supplementing in-class instruction and can provide topics for discussion at home. Also inquire about emergency communications.

What is the Visitation Policy?

Unscheduled visits and drop-ins can be a good way to check on the welfare of your child and to ensure that you feel comfortable with the teachers and methods used in your preschool or care center. Ensuring that your chosen facility allows for these visits can provide you with added insights into the daily routines of your child and the environment in which he or she is learning.

What is the Curriculum Style?

Your child’s school curriculum should measure up both to national standards and to your own preferences. For example, Discovery Point Child Development Centers have adopted the Creative Curriculum program, which offers opportunities for hands-on exploration and discovery that build lifelong critical thinking skills and foster confidence through their “studies” approach to learning. Every component is intentional, proven, and grounded in child development theory and scientific research, so you can be assured our teachers are able to deliver positive outcomes for your child.

At Discovery Point, we are committed to providing the safest and most positive experience for the children under our care. We maintain clear lines of communication with parents and conduct monthly in-house inspections to ensure the safety and health of our students. By entrusting your child to us, you can enjoy increased confidence and added peace of mind.