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June 6, 2016

Six Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Summer Camp for Your Child

Planning your child’s summer activities can be an exciting task. If summer camp is at the top of your list, it may be worthwhile to do a little advanced research and preparation to determine the best options for your child. At Discovery Point, we are committed to providing the most enriching and engaging activities and curricula for every student in our care. Here are six questions to ask before selecting a summer camp for your child.

What Themes Will You Be Exploring?

Choosing a camp that correlates closely with your child’s expressed interests can have a significant effect on his or her enjoyment of the camp experience. Discussing the themes and the planned activities for the summer months can help you identify the perfect match for your child and his or her interests. From dinosaurs to space travel and ancient civilizations, the right summer camp can inspire and educate children in the subjects that interest them most.

What Safety Procedures Are in Place?

Ensuring that your children will be protected in the camp environment is of critical importance to your peace of mind this summer. Inquiring about the safety measures in place and the security of the location can provide you with added information on which to base your choice of a summer camp for your child. The administrators and counselors involved in the camp

How Flexible Are the Enrollment Arrangements?

Especially if your family has vacation plans this year, finding a summer camp that is willing to allow adjustments to your schedule can save you time and stress. Choosing a camp arrangement that incorporates week-to-week scheduling can provide you and your family with added flexibility in balancing family time with the opportunities of summer camp for your children.

What Types of Activities Are Available?

Because different children have different interests and abilities, asking about the types of activities available at each summer camp can help you make a more informed choice regarding the most engaging options for your child. Be sure to consider the amount of outdoor play scheduled during each day of the program. Staying active during the summer months is essential for your child’s ongoing fitness and health.

Are Accommodations in Place for Children with Special Needs?

If your child requires special attention due to physical or emotional needs, ensuring that the right support will be on site and available. This can reduce stress and worry on your part and can ensure the best possible experience for children with special needs in the summer camp environment.

Do You Have References?

One of the best ways to evaluate a summer camp is to talk with parents who have direct experience. Most reputable camps will provide you with references of satisfied parents. By discussing your concerns and priorities with these contacts, you can make a more informed decision for your child.

The education professionals at Discovery Point can provide the most supportive and engaging experiences for your children this summer. We offer a variety of activities and themes to suit your child’s interests and provide a safe environment for discovery and exploration. If you are looking for the perfect summer camp environment, Discovery Point can deliver unique experiences your children will remember for many years to come.