Toddler Daycare in Lawrenceville on Club Drive: Encouraging a Lifelong Love of Learning

At Discovery Point Club Dr., we host a program that is perfect for toddlers or children aged 18 to 30 months. We have designed our toddler daycare to embrace each child’s natural curiosity and activity with educational content and fun activities. Our talented staff helps toddlers in Lawrenceville, Lilburn, and the surrounding areas grow and develop a love of learning.

To enrich the experience for each of our students, we keep a low child-teacher ratio in each of our programs. Not only does this allow your little one to receive one-on-one instruction from their teacher, but it also helps us focus on each child’s development of key skills. 

With the below benefits of our toddler child care programs, we help local children foster a love of learning:

  • Parent partnerships to encourage potty training
  • Introduction of circle time, including stories and songs with educational themes
  • Age-appropriate activities and play
  • Opportunities for individuality and independence
  • Developing social skills, learning to share, and making friends
  • Hands-on learning opportunities
  • Standards-based curriculum focused on literature and language development

Toddlers can be very independent, as they are typically trying to grow and develop with their own curiosity. We like to encourage this type of development for your child, while also incorporating plenty of guidance from our teachers. This allowance of independence also helps your child become more confident as they learn and grow.

With our toddler child care program in Lawrenceville on Club Drive, you will find a structured, yet flexible routine. Keeping a structured daily routine helps our students stay on track with play, learning, nap time, and other areas. However, we also allow them the flexibility to make their own choices at times and embrace their creativity.

Specialized Rooms for Our Toddler Daycare in Lawrenceville on Club Drive

Our toddler classrooms have been designed specifically for the children who occupy them. We maintain open floor plans to ensure teacher visibility of all students at once. We also incorporate bright and educational elements, creating an inspiring atmosphere for your child. By using only age-appropriate toys, we encourage proper development for our students and keep them safe in the process.

The classrooms also give each child a storage area for personal items, including diapers and wipes. These should be supplied by the parents or guardians until the child is fully potty trained. Our rigorous sanitization procedures also keep everyone healthy and happy.

To learn more about our toddler daycare in Lawrenceville, call Discovery Point Club Dr. at (770) 279-8400. We also welcome children from the neighboring communities of Lilburn and Norcross.

child playing with toys at toddler daycare in Lawrenceville - Club Drive