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June 18, 2021
Two children at Discovery Point Preschool in the Porterdale Area

What to Expect from Our Preschool in the Porterdale Area

When searching for a preschool in the Porterdale area, it can be stressful to find one that offers everything your little one needs. At Discovery Point Covington East, we combine education, care, and play. Our comprehensive programs are designed to offer an inspiring and educational space for the children in our community. Keep reading below to learn more about our programs and how they will benefit your child.

Hands-On Learning at Our Preschool Near Porterdale

Our focus is on developmental child care that is age-appropriate for our preschool students. This program is designed for children between the ages of 2 and 4. To ensure they are learning and growing, we incorporate plenty of educational lessons and activities into our daily operations. Our teachers like to keep everything fun and entertaining for our young students.

Your child will take part in the following hands-on learning activities in our preschool program in the Porterdale area:

  • Arts and crafts projects
  • Activities to build self-confidence
  • Building literacy through writing and storytelling
  • Developing physical skills and exercising in our outdoor play area
  • Peer interaction to build social skills
  • Language development through music, puppet shows, and dramatic play

Each of our students will have their own portfolio. Their teacher will keep track of every child’s development, behavior, and growth. As a parent, you can stay up-to-date on your child’s achievements and take note of any areas that need improvement.

Our preschool program takes place in our child-friendly classrooms in the Porterdale area. They feature an open layout, allowing plenty of room for independent play and exploration. Our students also have access to age-appropriate toys and materials, keeping them safe as they learn and play. 

Local Care at Discovery Point Covington East

Discovery Point Covington East is locally owned and operated, making us a convenient and trusted choice for your child care needs. We offer our programs to children from Porterdale, Covington, Newton Ridge, and the surrounding areas. Providing a safe and educational space for children in our community is our passion.

To get started with us, you can schedule a tour of our child care center. This is a great opportunity to see our uniquely-designed classrooms and get acquainted with our team. Tours can be scheduled at your convenience by calling or visiting our location.

Call Discovery Point Covington East today at (770) 787-9199 to learn more about our preschool near Porterdale.