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Child Care in Covington

We’re So Much More Than Just Daycare!

Providing Child Care and Daycare Services for Infants to School-Aged Children

At Discovery Point Covington West, we believe that learning and play shouldn’t be separated. Rather, we believe that the proper combination of the two can help your child develop a natural love of learning, exploration, and discovery.

At our child care center in Covington, we aim to act as an extension of the nurturing home environment, meaning we work alongside parents throughout Covington and the surrounding areas to deliver the same level of care that their children receive at home.

With the help of a nationally-recognized learning program, certified teachers, and owners that are on-site daily, our child development center can help lay the foundation for your child’s academic, physical, intellectual, and social success.

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Raising the Bar for Child Care at Discovery Point Covington West

Discovery Point Child Development Centers have been an established and respected source for child care since 1988. Our location in Covington strives to continue the legacy of success our centers have experienced by providing child-centered care that focuses on fostering a love of learning. By taking a whole-child approach to growth and development, we encourage children to follow their natural curiosity, build important skills, and work on their unique talents. In addition to utilizing proprietary, research-based curriculum that challenges students to develop their critical thinking skills while having fun, we also maintain a low child-to-teacher ratio. This ensures that each one of our students receives the individualized care and attentive instruction that he or she deserves.

It goes without saying that safety and security is one of the main priorities of parents, which is why we make it our priority, too. Our child care center has a single secured entrance and we practice rigorous visitor ID screening to ensure that only those who belong in our center are allowed access. We also undergo quality assurance inspections on a monthly basis that confirm we are continuously maintaining a high standard of safety and implementing our programs accurately.

When you join the Discovery Point Covington family, you can also expect your child to benefit from our:

  • Strict hiring policies
  • Creative opportunities for self-expression
  • Open classroom design
  • Summer camps
  • Age-separate play areas
  • Kid-friendly, USDA-approved menus
  • CPR & First-Aid certified employees
  • Before and after school care
  • Enrichment programs

If you’re searching for daycare in Covington or have spent time typing “daycares near me,” then look no further than Discovery Point Covington West for child care. Don’t hesitate to learn more about how our child care services can help your child thrive. Contact Discovery Point Covington West (678-712-6550) today to schedule a free, no-obligation tour of our center.