Infant Daycare in Covington: Care for Your Precious Little One

Choosing infant daycare in Covington for your baby is a big step that can feel a bit overwhelming. After all, caring for the health and happiness of your child is a huge responsibility. At Discovery Point Covington, we take that responsibility seriously, providing educational childcare that instills an eagerness to learn. 

Our infant daycare program is a gentle, nurturing environment that fosters learning, play, and development in infants six weeks through ten months of age. Our infant rooms at Discovery Point Covington are cheerful, engaging, and custom-designed to encourage learning and development. 

With low infant-teacher ratios, children receive focused, one-on-one attention that meets them on their level, and parents receive daily infant reports on their child’s progress. To support the well-being of every child, we follow strict health policies and safety procedures, including separate playground areas for infant and toddler classrooms.

Our Approach to Infant Daycare in Covington

Children have a natural enthusiasm for learning and exploration. At Discovery Point Covington, our infant daycare program encourages that enthusiasm with affectionate care, fun physical play, and daily opportunities for language development. 

We believe in open communication and building strong partnerships with families. We work closely with parents to understand each child’s unique needs and schedule, ensuring they receive the individualized care they need to flourish. Also, we provide parents with daily reports on their infant’s activity, including diaper changes, feedings, and development. 

About Our Infant Rooms at Discovery Point Covington

Every detail matters when it comes to providing exceptional infant daycare. That’s why the infant room at Discovery Point Covington has been meticulously designed from top to bottom to support our program. 

Our infant room is a warm, bright, and vibrant space that brings smiles to infants and instills an eagerness to move and learn. Age-appropriate toys encourage play and movement, while soft corners ensure safe exploration and a gentle landing as children learn to crawl, stand, and walk. 

Teachers have a clear view of every child in their care, and designated spaces are available for each child’s personal items, including food, formula, diapers, and wipes. To maintain a healthy environment for infants, toys are sanitized throughout the day and sheets are washed at the end of the day. 

At Discovery Point Covington, we’re so much more than daycare, offering infants a happy, loving environment they look forward to while providing their parents with peace of mind. 

Ready to learn more about our infant daycare program? Call Discovery Point Covington today at (678) 712-6550 to schedule a visit. We’re enrolling now!

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