Our State-Funded Pre-Kindergarten Program in Covington

At Discovery Point Covington, our pre-kindergarten program is designed to raise the quality of care and education for the children in our community. Our lottery funded pre-k program offers so much more than just day care. We provide a fun and active curriculum where children are able to grow both emotionally and cognitively. We partner with parents and families so we can engage their children on an individual level. The children in our program enjoy learning and they look forward to seeing our teachers and staff.

The pre-kindergarten program at Discovery Point Covington is designed for 4 and 5 year olds. Because our teachers are trained in early childhood development, they are able to offer personalized pre-k instruction which suits your child’s current developmental stage. Our goal is to:

  • Create an eagerness to learn with educational and active play.
  • Provide a caring environment that is like a second home.
  • To be a place where kids have fun while learning important skills.
  • Support individual learning needs by meeting each child on their level.

Our Pre-Kindergarten Program Objectives in Covington

The pre-kindergarten program from Discovery Point Covington is designed to help children transition smoothly from preschool to kindergarten. We help children develop skills which are helpful for school and life in general. Our whole child approach to education will help your little one develop in the following ways:

  • Music, dramatic play, and conversation help support language development.
  • Outdoor play and physical activity support development of fine motor skills.
  • Writing activities, storytelling, and books are used to develop literacy.
  • Science exploration, problem solving, and math create cognitive growth.
  • We work as a whole class and in small groups to help with social development.
  • We teach self-help skills to help with independence and child safety.

Schedule a Tour Today

If you are looking for a state-funded pre-kindergarten program that will feel like a second home for your child, schedule a tour of Discovery Point Covington. We are happy to have parents or guardians come to the center and see what we are all about. You will be able to talk with our director, meet teachers, and view our facilities. You will notice our commitment to safety with separate playground areas based on age, visitor ID screening, and low student-teacher ratios.

If you would like to learn more about our pre-kindergarten program, call Discovery Point Covington today and schedule a free tour of our pre-k classrooms. 

Boy playing with Lego at our pre-kindergarten program in Covington