Before & After School Programs in Covington

At Discovery Point Covington, we offer exceptional child care for children of all ages, including school agers. Our before and after school programs in Covington provide school agers with the safe, educational space that they need to continue their social and academic development outside of school. In addition, these programs provide working parents with a reliable child care solution that their children can be excited about.

What to Expect: Our Before & After School Programs in Covington

As a busy parent, you’ll love knowing that your school ager is having a blast at our child care facility while building new skills and interacting with his or her peers. In addition, you and your child can count on the following:

Age-appropriate activities. We keep school-aged students intellectually stimulated and engaged with the learning process through fun and educational activities that encourage teamwork and promote critical thinking and problem solving. Your child will also have access to our technology resources, range of children’s literature, and help with homework when needed.

A comfortable facility. Children feel familiar and at home at our child care center because we’ve thought of every last detail to meet their needs. From private bathrooms and age-separate play areas to classrooms stocked with creative supplies, these crucial features help ensure that your child is always comfortable.

Safe & secure fun. Our facility was built with security as the top priority, boasting open floor plans for increased visibility and limited building access.

Help with transportation. Our state-inspected and approved buses are a safe and convenient transportation option for students who attend some public schools in the local area.

Healthy & nutritious meals and snacks. Our menus keep students fueled, giving them the energy that they need to stay focused throughout the day.

healthy meal at our after school programs in Covington

Inspiring Children in Covington

Our goal is to inspire school agers to take the initiative in their own education and embrace learning even when they’re not at school. Through our programs, students learn how to have fun while developing their social and academic skills and exploring new areas of interest. It’s this process of discovery that instills a lifelong love of learning in children.

Plus, our child care programs for school agers aren’t limited to the days when school is in session. We can also offer supportive care on holiday breaks and teacher work days.

Give Discovery Point Covington a call today at (678) 712-6550 to learn more about getting started with our before and after school programs in Covington.

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