Meet Our Teachers

CPR First Aid Training At Discovery Point – All Staff 100% Certified

Mirlande Jean Baptiste

Assistant Director

Assistant Director for 10 years

Yasmin Sadrudin

Assistant Director

Assistant Director / Infant Room Lead Teacher for 8 years.

Bianca Wimberly


Teacher for 1 year, she has always wanted to be a teacher.

Carmen Rosa Velarde


Teacher for 8 years, loves to take care of children.

Diana Gamez


Teacher for 1 year, she thinks she is a kid trapped inside a grown-up’s body!

Khaleda Kabir


Teacher for 7 years, loves to see children grow.

Melinda Byrum


Teacher for 1 year, she loves her time with the children.

Onibah Yoonas


Teacher for 3 years, thinks teaching is a rewarding profession, and she loves watching a child learn something new.

Johnnie Mae Mitchell


Cook for 1 year, she loves making nutritious meals for kids.

infant sitting with teacher