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November 3, 2020
Two children at Full Time Daycare in Lawrenceville on Cruse Road

What to Expect from Our Full Time Daycare in Lawrenceville on Cruse Road

Are you looking for an educational child care option in the Cruse Road area of Lawrenceville? At Discovery Point Cruse Rd., our full time daycare program lays a solid foundation for early childhood education. We appreciate children’s innate sense of wonder and encourage them to embrace their curiosity as they grow into independent thinkers. Every step of the way, we offer individualized support and attention so they’re able to make progress and reach important milestones.

Highlights of Our Full Time Daycare Program

At our child care center, we think of ourselves as an extension of the home. Since we focus on providing nurturing care that helps children build confidence and social skills, our students know they can look to us for one-on-one support whenever they need it.

You can look forward to highlights such as the following when you enroll your child in our program:

  • An emphasis on proper nutrition. Students benefit from our wholesome approach to nutrition, including USDA-approved meals and snacks served in a social setting. We strive to give children the tools they need to develop healthy eating habits and pave the way for a lifelong love of nutritious foods.
  • Strict security procedures and safety features. Our facility was custom-built to offer a safe, secure space for young learners. Our open floor plan classrooms provide visibility at all times, while our visitor ID screening process and keypad-locked entrance allow only authorized individuals to step foot inside our building.
  • An inspiring approach to education. With the help of the Creative Curriculum® system from Teaching Strategies®, we inspire children to engage with new concepts and develop new skills. Our hands-on activities and encouragement of child-driven exploration make learning a fun adventure.

Tour Our Child Care Center in Lawrenceville on Cruse Road

Your child deserves the best child care center where they can learn, play, and grow. At Discovery Point Cruse Rd., we provide it. Schedule a tour of our child care center to learn more about our unique approach to early childhood education. As you connect with our passionate staff members and see our teaching strategies in action, you’ll understand exactly why children love learning with us.

We warmly welcome families from the following communities:

  • Lawrenceville
  • Cruse Road area
  • Lilburn 
  • And nearby areas

Contact Discovery Point Cruse Rd. today at (678) 376-9760 for more details about our full time daycare. You can also stop by our full time child care center in Lawrenceville on Cruse Road for enrollment information.