Preschool in Lawrenceville on Cruse Road

Discover the Possibilities for Your Child in Our Preschool Curriculum

Designed specifically for two- to four-year-olds, our preschool curriculum at Discovery Point Cruse Rd. in Lawrenceville promotes a lifelong love of learning in children and encourages them to become independent thinkers. At our child care center, we offer young learners plenty of opportunities for fun and adventure, incorporating stimulating activities into the learning process. In addition to being filled with intentional activities and lessons, our curriculum is based on sound child development theory and backed by scientific research.

Here’s what parents can expect when their children have the opportunity to attend our preschool in Lawrenceville on Cruse Road:

  • Language development with the use of tools like music, puppets, conversation, and dramatic play.
  • Social development through plenty of interaction with peers and activities that require children to work together in small groups and as a class.
  • Literacy development and guidance as students discover the magic of the written word through engaging books, writing activities, and storytelling.
  • Development of physical skills, including fine motor skills, thanks to our emphasis on movement and physical activity.
  • Emotional development with the support of our nurturing teachers, who help students build self-esteem and gain confidence in themselves.
  • Cognitive development and numerous opportunities for children to utilize their problem solving and critical thinking skills.

About Our Preschool Rooms

At Discovery Point Cruse Rd., we’ve designed our daycare center in Lawrenceville on Cruse Rd. to accommodate the specific needs of preschoolers, including an age-separate play area that has plenty of visibility and allows children to engage in peer-to-peer play without worry. Our child care center also contains classrooms separated into “interest areas.” In these spaces, children can learn through play and discover a wide variety of new interests, including subjects like math, science, art, and technology. Finally, we offer each child a personal space to store his or her supplies from home, such as a blanket and spare change of clothes.

kids exploring nature at our preschool in Lawrenceville - Cruse Road

Preschool Student Portfolios in Lawrenceville on Cruse Road

Our teachers don’t just observe students to ensure their safety and security. We also assess their progress so that we can adapt our curriculum to their individual needs whenever necessary. After all, many children benefit from individualized learning techniques. We collect information about your child’s growth and achievements in a special student portfolio that can be used to evaluate their understanding of the curriculum and give us the information we need to help them thrive.

Stop by our child care center in Lawrenceville on Cruse Road today or call Discovery Point Cruse Road at (678) 376-9760 to learn more about what you can expect with our preschool curriculum.

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