Our Leading Child Care Centers Foster Social Skills

Discovery Point understands that some of the most important lessons in a young child’s life are not just academic, but about friendship and social skills as well. Our programs are designed to foster as many diverse friendships as possible among our children.

How Do We Do It?

Through trying new things! Discovery Point is about that very thing—discovery.

When we encourage kids to try new things, we give them permission to be courageous, to stretch their brains as well as their legs, and to help them meet children with different interests.

Every activity we schedule is designed to address a different part of a child’s development. Books, puzzles, and games help children grow their intelligence and problem-solving skills. Group activities help children learn how to socialize confidently, with play groups ensuring that your child will develop consistent friendships. Even meals are an opportunity to develop manners and social learning!

Our values are expressed in every exchange between students or student-teacher interaction. We encourage sharing, taking turns, and empathy between the kids. Studies show that early childhood education can have a life-changing impact on a child’s entire life—education, career earnings, even likelihood of criminal activity can be impacted by education at an early age.

Helping children develop empathy, learn social skills, and navigate meeting new people or making new friends is a major part of what we do at Discovery Point. Because we take a whole-child approach, we believe interpersonal education is as vital as reading or art. After all, developing friendships contributes as much to our personal success and quality of life as any skill or talent.

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