Infant Daycare in Marietta: Care for Your Precious Little One

Since your baby was born, you’ve spent nearly every moment together. But now it’s time to choose an infant daycare program in Marietta, one that can become a home away from home for your little one. 

At Discovery Point Kennesaw Due West, we understand this can be an overwhelming time for parents. We’re here to make the process easier with some helpful information about our daycare program for infants.

Designed for children six weeks through ten months old in Marietta, our infant daycare program is a cheerful and welcoming environment that is naturally appealing to children. With low infant to teacher ratios, our caring and attentive teachers can provide one-on-one attention for every child, and daily reports for parents. 

We’re also committed to providing a safe and secure environment. We follow strict procedures and policies on safety and health and have separate playground areas for our infant and toddler classrooms. 

Our Approach to Infant Daycare in Marietta

At Discovery Point Kennesaw Due West, we recognize that every child in our program is unique, with their own schedules, needs, and abilities. We’re committed to providing personalized attention for every child in our care. 

We work closely with parents to ensure every child receives the support and care they need to explore, grow, and feel at home. Our daily reports give parents a run-down of their child’s day, including feedings, diaper changes, and new interests or abilities.  

Our curriculum is designed to encourage infants to explore the world around them through language and physical play. Our teachers are engaging and loving, meeting each child at their level with gentle voices and loving arms.

About Our Infant Rooms at Discovery Point Kennesaw Due West

Children enrolled in our infant daycare program in Marietta spend time in our infant room, specially designed to meet their needs. 

With Discovery Point Kennesaw Due West, parents can expect:

  • A bright and cheerful environment designed to give teachers a clear view of every infant in their care.
  • A designated space for their child’s personal items, including diapers, wipes, formula, and food.
  • Age-appropriate toys that promote language and exploration.
  • A focus on safety, with toys sanitized throughout the day and sheets washed at the end of each day.
  • Soft surfaces and edges that make it safe for children to practice rolling over, sitting up, and crawling.
  • Teachers that will take care of your infant and nurture them as if they were their own.

Ready to learn more about our infant daycare program in Marietta? Call Discovery Point Kennesaw Due West today at (770) 218-3114 to schedule a visit and tour. We’re enrolling now!

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