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October 27, 2021

Understanding the Potential in a Child Care Business

Entrepreneurs looking to start a business of any kind, including a child care business, must do extensive research and analysis to ensure their business model is solid. One way to conduct a detailed study of the feasibility of a business is to write up a SWOT analysis. 

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Reflecting upon these important aspects of a business idea is essential to foreseeing obstacles that could get in the way of success.

At Discovery Point, we’re proud to have a child care business model that’s proven effective for our franchisees across the southeastern United States. However, we still encourage potential franchisees to take a close look at their goals and the details of how Discovery Point centers are set up to operate. Performing a SWOT analysis is an excellent method for examining the potential opportunities available for those who are interested in becoming Discovery Point owners.

A SWOT Analysis of a Discovery Point Child Care Business

Are you looking to learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of the Discovery Point business model, as well as the potential opportunities and threats our franchisees may encounter? Here’s a breakdown of an example SWOT analysis to help you as you research and brainstorm the next steps for your child care business venture.


In the context of a SWOT analysis, strengths generally refer to the demand for the services the business offers. As high-quality, educational child care services are in high demand in the United States, Discovery Point centers have significant strengths. 

Many families in different situations are in need of child care, including those with single parents and two-parent families in which both parents work. Providing reliable services that revolve around the local community can help these families find peace of mind about their children’s care while also furthering the education of the next generation.

There are also plenty of non-demand-related strengths associated with owning a child care business. This type of business offers a certain degree of freedom and flexibility to business owners that allows them to find personal fulfillment and professional satisfaction in their careers. Owning and operating a Discovery Point center gives entrepreneurs the chance to finally enjoy being their own boss and make their own schedule while always having the support of industry experts with every aspect of their business.


When you’ve fallen in love with a certain business idea, it can be a challenge to be objective about its weaknesses. Nonetheless, it is crucial to identify potential weaknesses in order to circumvent pitfalls and prepare for challenges down the road. 

Even the most successful businesses have weaknesses. What is most important is that these issues are clearly understood and adequately addressed from the get-go. 

As far as a child care business is concerned, start-up costs can be high for some entrepreneurs. These costs are generally related to real estate, equipment, supplies, and marketing. There are also daily operational costs to consider, including utilities, food, and maintenance and repairs for the center.

Staff turnover can also be a challenge for many child care businesses. That’s why Discovery Point places so much emphasis on training teachers and ensuring they feel fully equipped to do their best work. In addition to training teachers to use our proprietary curriculum, we also enable them to deliver individualized care for children that leads to rewarding outcomes.


For Discovery Point owners, there are plenty of opportunities for growth. These can include enrolling more children into the center over time and also opening additional franchise locations in the area. Several Discovery Point owners operate multiple centers, which enables them to reap the benefits of investing in and building relationships across their local community. 

There are also opportunities for franchise owners to personalize their Discovery Point centers. We encourage our franchisees to leverage their passions in unique ways to make their child care businesses one of a kind. For example, some of our franchisees have on-site farm-to-table veggie gardens, offer special resources for children in foster care, and often take the initiative to partner with charities in their area.


The final part of the SWOT analysis focuses on the potential competition a business may encounter. To avoid significant threats, it’s important to choose the right location. 

Our experienced team helps franchisees identify properties that are the optimal distance in relation to schools and residential areas, enabling them to be a natural choice over the competition. We also perform an in-depth study of the demographics and population of the surrounding area to ensure the child center location has an ample customer base. In addition, Discovery Point concentrates on delivering a quality educational experience for children, which also makes our centers stand out from other child care businesses.

If you’re looking to learn more about the potential of owning a child care business, we encourage you to contact our franchising team at Discovery Point today! Just call 770-623-1140, and we’ll fill you in on all the details you need to know to make a smart business decision.