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December 10, 2020

Getting to Know Discovery Point: We Are Daycare Redefined

At Discovery Point, our mission is to make the daycare experience exciting and inspiring for children, parents, and the owners of our child care centers. Each and every one of our franchise locations is a space where children can pursue self-discovery and receive the support they need to thrive both socially and academically. When parents see how excited their children are to return to Discovery Point and enjoy yet another day of discovery and exploration, the enthusiasm is contagious.

We’re also committed to making our daycare franchise a brand entrepreneurs can get excited about. We’re eager to partner with passionate individuals who are inspired by our creative, education-driven approach to child care and our opportunities for community involvement. By supporting these professionals as they operate their Discovery Point centers, we help them pursue a rewarding career and motivate them to redefine daycare in their local area.

Redefining Daycare for Parents & Children

Discovery Point is so much more than just daycare. Our centers are not just a place to drop your child off for the day where they can be supervised. We go so far beyond that with high quality educational child care. Our visionary approach to child care not only helps children make the most of the crucial early years — it also lays the foundation for a lifelong love of learning. Here’s why both children and parents across multiple states love our approach to daycare.

We Make Learning Fun

Discovery Point inspires children to find the magic in learning through imaginative curriculum. Our centers use both the Creative Curriculum® package from Teaching Strategies and our own Discovery Point Connections Curriculum®

Our philosophy encourages children to integrate play with the learning process, allowing them to follow their natural curiosity and find what truly inspires them. Our students embrace their sense of wonder about the world to make every new discovery a valuable lesson.

We Offer a Space that Feels Like Home

Our child care centers are built from the ground up according to a design formulated specifically for the needs of children. This design includes bright, open-floor plan classrooms for easy visibility; age-separate play areas; and limited building access through a keypad-locked entrance.

In addition to promoting our students’ safety and security, the design of our child care centers helps young learners feel right at home. We aim to make every Discovery Point location an extension of the home environment, a space where each child can receive the nurturing care they expect and deserve.

We Provide Individualized Care

In order to deliver nurturing care, we ensure our teachers have the resources and training required to provide individualized support for every student. As we keep our student-to-teacher ratios low at all times, teachers are able to give each young learner the attention they crave. Teachers are also equipped to offer personalized learning techniques that help students make steady progress in their skill development.

What Our Approach to Daycare Means for Franchisees

The Discovery Point approach doesn’t only make daycare an exciting opportunity for parents and children. It also makes ownership of our child care centers an attractive prospect for passionate entrepreneurs. Below, we’ve listed a few of the reasons our franchisees are inspired to join the child care industry as a member of the Discovery Point family.

The Chance to Own Your Daycare Center

Our franchise opportunities are also real estate opportunities. We help franchisees build investment security through ownership of their center’s building and land. 

This real estate investment promotes long-term equity and offers a number of benefits for business owners. In addition to support with site selection, we manage every aspect of construction to facilitate each center’s success.

The Chance to Personalize Your Daycare Center

We encourage franchisees to personalize their centers according to the needs of families within their local communities and in keeping with their own individual talents and interests. The Discovery Point family is diverse, and we’re proud to have each owner bring their unique perspective to our child care philosophy. 

Whether you maintain a sustainable veggie garden at your center, enable supportive opportunities for foster care children, or focus on accommodating special needs students, you’ll be able to make your center your own.

The Chance to Pursue a Rewarding Career

By redefining daycare, we’re making it possible for professionals to pull off a career change that fulfills their dream of business ownership as well as their desire to make a difference in their community. Our franchisees are empowered to find personal enrichment in the work they do, utilizing our proven business model to enjoy a rewarding career that generates positive change for the next generation.

Take the leap to become the owner of a thriving Discovery Point center! Call 770-623-1140 to hear more about our franchise opportunities and our unique approach to daycare.