Discovery Point Blog

June 4, 2019

Franchisee Profile: Beverly Johnson, Owner of Discovery Point Conyers

Beverly Johnson has always had a heart for the families in her community. After years of working with the music and children’s ministry and local sports leagues, she and her husband were in search of their next adventure. Their goal was to create a space in their community for childhood development.  

They looked into a variety of options for child care centers and independent schools, including Discovery Point.

“Discovery Point was our safety net,” said Beverly. “We called individual locations and their franchisees all said that Discovery Point is there for you when you need them.”

And that proved to be true for her and her husband as they opened their center in 2008, as there was a downturn in the economy “Discovery Point has now been there for me for 10 years,” said Beverly. “Even the founders, Cliff and Diane Clark, would visit the center to show their support.  I always knew that they and the rest of the corporate staff was only a phone call away. This is a brand that wants to see their owners succeed.

Beverly believes in a hands-on approach at her center. She believes having an on-site owner makes all the difference. She works with everyone from the teachers to parents to directors, allowing her to always have her finger on the pulse of the center. Discovery Point Conyers is now one of the top-quality rated schools in Rockdale County.

Beverly’s hands-on mentality isn’t the only reason her center has been so successful. Her priority has always been to offer a family-oriented center that impacts a positive change in the surrounding community.

Beverly’s efforts with Discovery Point allow her to work with a variety of different charities and outreach groups within her community. She is involved with everything from reading advocacy and food banks to child abuse prevention and donations to local relief centers. Her center also participates in Discovery Point’s own “Diane’s Devotion” and St. Jude’s Trike-a-Thon.

“Discovery Point allows me to play a huge role in the community,” she explains. “Working closely with the state as well as local organizations, I am able to bring in resources and support to our children and families.”

Beverly also loves the balance owning and operating the center offers between her work and family. Whether it means having her whole family involved in the business, or just having extra time to spend with them, Discovery Point allows her to have both.

“When I first started, founder Diane Clark told me you are a mom before you are a business owner. Always remember that.” Beverly says. “That resounds with me to this day.”

Beverly knows she made a wise choice because she is able to make her business centered around the children.

“Usually what is best for the children is what is best for the business and I keep that a priority each and every day”