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April 9, 2021

Own a Franchise Where You Can Make a Difference

Do you want to own a franchise and be your own boss? There are many franchise opportunities available for entrepreneurs who want to become business owners while enjoying the recognition of an established brand name and support from an experienced corporate team.

If you’re looking to own a franchise, you may have already researched some of these business types. But did you know some of these options actually enable you to leverage your business to make a difference in your local community?

If you’re looking to own a franchise where you can make a positive impact on the lives of people in your area, consider partnering with Discovery Point. As the owner of one of our child care centers, you can take a creative approach to connecting with local families. 

In addition to providing exceptional child care services focused on inspiring a love of learning in children, you’ll also have the opportunity to utilize your personal strengths and passions to make your center an integral part of the community.

Choose to Own a Franchise that Inspires You

Own a franchise that helps children. Preschool age children running outside to play.

At Discovery Point, we’re about so much more than just daycare. Our vision has always been to ensure children have an educational environment where they can follow their natural curiosity to make new discoveries about themselves and the world around them. 

We want to give our students the tools and nurturing care they need to become creative individuals and compassionate community members. That’s why we place such an emphasis on combining learning with play and provide individualized care to support children as they reach important developmental milestones.

In order to foster this inspiring atmosphere at each of our child care centers, it’s important for our franchisees to have the flexibility to operate a center that reflects the needs of their local community. We also want our franchisees to be able to personalize their centers according to their individual interests and passions. In doing so, they can give their all on a daily basis and feel fulfilled and inspired, as they promote the growth and development of their students.

How to Engage with Your Community at Your Discovery Point Center

We encourage our franchisees to use their center to connect with families in their area in a way that feels personal to them. In addition to making a positive impact by providing high-quality child care services, Discovery Point owners also have the chance to enact projects and policies to fill specific needs in their community.

If this approach to business ownership inspires you, don’t hesitate to learn more about the franchise opportunities available through Discovery Point. As a franchisee, you’ll have the freedom to give back to those around you by utilizing your skills, strengths, creativity, and personal and professional experience.

The ways in which you can uplift your community through your position as the owner of a Discovery Point child care center are almost unlimited. Below, we’ve listed a few examples to spark your imagination. 

Start a Farm-to-Table Garden

group of adults and children planting in garden

Do you have a green thumb, a love for nature, or a passion for cooking? You don’t have to leave these interests at home when you’re a Discovery Point owner. Instead, you can make them an integral part of your child care center by starting a kid-friendly garden. 

Showing students how to grow and prepare food is not only an excellent way to help them understand the fundamentals of science. It also lays the foundation for healthier eating choices and a love for fresh, nutritious fruits and vegetables. Beyond that, it’s a great way to supplement your center’s food supply.

Be a Foster Care Resource

If you have previous experience with the foster care system or simply a heart for children going through tough situations, make your center a safe and welcoming space for these young individuals. You can help children in your area who need a little extra stability, support, and individualized attention by committing to quickly accepting those who land in foster care.

Offer Support and Care for Special Needs Children

Parents with special needs children often have difficulty finding child care providers who are prepared to provide proper assistance. By making the effort to staff your center with teachers who have experience working with special needs children, you can give these parents peace of mind while also providing the safe and nurturing care their children deserve.

Are you ready to own a franchise that allows you to give back to your community? Get in touch with Discovery Point today at 770-662-2112 to hear more about our franchise opportunities