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March 31, 2021

Child Care Franchise Success: “My Dream Job”

Michelle’s Path to Entrepreneurial Success in the $47 Billion Child Care Industry

Discovery Point child care franchise owner, Michelle Malizioso, talks about her path to becoming the owner of Discovery Point Duluth (Howell Ferry).

From her background in healthcare to her love of working with children, Michelle’s journey to early childhood education and owning her own business is an inspiring one. As a Discovery Point child care franchise owner, Michelle says she has found her ideal job.

Michelle’s path to the daycare and preschool business is unique to her, but it’s also one to which many entrepreneurs can relate. At Discovery Point, we welcome entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds. We do not believe you need previous experience in child care or education to be a successful daycare owner. You simply need a passion for working with children and a desire to make a change in your local community.

One of the most inspiring parts of being a Discovery Point franchise owner is the impact you can make today, tomorrow, and far into the future. Your impact each day starts by providing parents with a safe and loving environment for their children while they peruse their own dreams and ambitions. Providing this support is essential for families across the United States and allows them to thrive.

Your impact doesn’t end there. At Discovery Point, we encourage our child care franchise owners to support local organizations. From farm to table gardening to supporting children in foster care, our franchise owners each find a unique way to support their community and make an impact that lasts beyond today.

As your child care center settles into the local community and becomes a trusted and reliable resource for parents, you’ll find the reach of your impact extends even further. Before you know it, those you welcome to infant care at 12 weeks will grow and transition past after-school care. One day you may even welcome back babies you once cared for, who are now parents themselves bringing their own children to your center.

If you’d like to learn more about Discovery Point Franchising and to see if a career in early childhood education or as a child care franchise owner could be your “dream job,” click HERE to contact us today for more information or call 770-623-1140.