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March 18, 2019
summer camp

Discover Our 2019 Summer Camp Opportunities in Hamilton Mil!

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how your child can enjoy the full potential that this season has to offer. At Discovery Point Hamilton Mill, our summer camp in Hamilton Mill a gives children a chance to engage in fun activities that stimulate their intellectual development and encourage them to discover new things about themselves. Our camp program for 2018 covers a wide range of topics that keep children on the edge of their seats and help them make the most of this break in the school year. Each week, they’ll absorb valuable lessons, embark on adventure-filled excursions, and participate in hands-on activities. In other words, they’ll have a ton of fun while building important skills that they can bring back to the classroom in the fall.

“Mighty Me!”: Inspiring Weekly Themes for Summer Camp 2019

This summer, our camp’s program in Hamilton Mill concentrates on helping children uncover their superpowers and find the superhero within themselves. We’ve structured our program around week-long “mighty missions” that allow children to explore their interests and challenge their abilities in new and exciting ways. We use colorful stories from children’s literature to provide context for these missions, inspiring children to make real-world connections to the lessons they’re learning as they read.

Take a look at the themed missions we have planned for our summer campers in Hamilton Mill this year:

kids doing team building activities at our summer camp in dacula
  • Animal Rescue. Children learn about caring for animals, from reptiles in the wild to furry friends at home.
  • Mastermind. Brainpower becomes campers’ superpower during this challenging mission.
  • Friendship. We show children how kindness and respect create a foundation for lifelong friendships.
  • Sportsmanship. Games both on and off the field require campers to use their team-building skills to become champions.
  • Archeologist. We take children on an adventure-packed dinosaur dig that helps them uncover their investigative talents.
  • I Spy. Campers become sleuths as they put together the clues of a mystery.
  • Build It. We highlight the importance of imagination in the process of creation.
  • Mix It Up. Children participate in physical challenges to understand the mechanics of the human body.
  • Hurricane Heroes. Science and self-reliance come together to give campers the tools they need to understand and survive a stormy situation.
  • Superstar. We encourage children to celebrate their unique talents and those of fellow campers.

Contact Discovery Point Hamilton Mill today at (770) 614-3556 to get to know more about our exciting summer camp in the Hamilton Mill and Dacula areas.