Discovery Point Blog

September 8, 2014

Our Campus is Getting Greener

Last week we wrote about the beautiful trees being planted at our center, adding shade and fresh color to the campus. This week, we’re pleased to see even more greenery with the addition of grass and bushes around the building and playground areas.

Did you know that children today spend half as much time playing outside as children did just 20 years ago? Sedentary indoor activities like video games, computer programs, and TV shows have been on the rise. Unfortunately, this means that many children are foregoing the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of time spent outdoors.

At Discovery Point Heritage, we view this as a real problem and are making every effort to encourage outdoor time. That’s why we’re building out plenty of green space and adding large canopies so that children could maximize outdoor time without worrying about too much sun or rain.

Discovery Point Heritage Campus Is Getting Greener