Before & After School Programs in Wake Forest

At Discovery Point Heritage, we know that the need for child care doesn’t stop when the school year starts. Our before and after school programs in Wake Forest offer an excellent child care solution for working parents, providing their school age children with a safe and engaging place where they can spend the hours outside of school. Our age-appropriate programs for school-aged students encourage social and academic growth as well as a love for learning while also providing vigilant supervision.

About Our Before & After School Programs in Wake Forest

We’re proud to offer exciting programs that students can enjoy each day. Take a peek at just a few of the things that busy parents and children alike appreciate about our before and after school programs:

health meals at our after school programs in Wake Forest
  • Healthy menu items. Our nutritious meals and snacks provide students with the energy that they need to stay focused on learning and fun while promoting healthy eating habits.
  • Safe transportation. We use buses to provide a convenient transportation option for students who attend certain schools in the local area. Our buses are always inspected and approved by the state ensuring the safety of your child.
  • Age-appropriate activities. Our activities inspire school-aged students to embrace their natural curiosity and take the initiative in their own education. From team-building games to skill-based exercises, these activities ensure that children stay intellectually stimulated even outside of the school environment.
  • Access to resources. Our child care center offers a number of resources for children to use while under our care, including technology, children’s literature, and range of school supplies.  
  • Comfortable facilities. Our attention to detail enables school agers to feel right at home at our daycare center. From private bathrooms to age-separate play areas and open floor plan classrooms, we’ve thought of everything to keep your child as comfortable as possible.

Inspiring School Age Children in Wake Forest

Our before and after school programs provide so much more than just a place for children to hang out in until you can pick them up. They encourage students to explore new interests and hone in on their unique talents while building relationships and experiencing a fun approach to education. Parents can have peace of mind that their school agers are engaging with the learning process while receiving the nurturing care that they deserve.

Give Discovery Point Heritage a call today at (919) 229-4127 to get started with our before and after school programs in Wake Forest.

Kids playing soccer