Discovery Point Blog

September 23, 2014

Safety and Security at Discovery Point Heritage

At Discovery Point, the safety of your child is our top priority. As much as we plan for cognitive learning and social development, we also have very specific plans in place to assure the safety, health, and security of your child.

Our Discovery Point building is designed for easy supervision of all classes by both teachers and management. Our glass windows and open floor plan not only keep rooms light and welcoming, but also allow easy viewing from almost any spot in the building. Room arrangement and placement of furniture and materials have been carefully decided to make sure teachers always have clear supervision of your child. As children enjoy snuggling with a book in a “cozy area” or build a cityscape in the block center, they are always under the watchful eye of their teacher.

Discovery Point teachers have developed many routines during the day to also aid in health and safety. “Counting Up”, name games, and a teacher count occurs with each class line up, when exiting or entering the room from the playground or cafe. All hands are washed upon entering the classrooms, after the potty, before and after meals, and on every re-entry as playful songs are sung. Parents are also asked to wash their hands when dropping off children or making a visit. The kids enjoy the security of these daily routines, not realizing that they are learning healthy habits. Additionally, a member of our management staff makes regular classroom visits to ensure enthusiastic teacher-child interactions and appropriate supervision of the classroom. Our state of the art video monitoring also allows management to view each playground and classroom throughout the day.

Call today to ask about our routines and procedures for arrival and pickup, fingerprint sign-in, and dispensing of medication. We are sure you will be impressed by the measures that we have implemented to offer your family the safest and most secure environment possible.