Educational Child Care in Canton: Our Program Highlights

Our educational child care at Discovery Point Hickory Flat provides an ideal environment for your child’s development. We offer a range of programs that serve local families in and around Canton and help them fit quality child care into their busy schedules.

We’re proud to offer programs for children ranging in age from six weeks to 12 years old. Each of these programs features an age-appropriate classroom and content that embraces the natural curiosity and discovery of each child. We also offer these programs on varying schedules to help families get child care when they need it most.

Our child care programs set us apart from other care providers and make us more than your average daycare. By utilizing our whole-child approach, which allows us to combine education with fun activities, we help children foster a love of learning and keep them engaged and excited about our curriculum.

Here are some more of our unique program highlights:

  • Developmentally appropriate lesson plans: We use content that is tailored to each group’s age and skill level.
  • Teachers trained in early childhood education: We work with individuals who have a passion and education for teaching little ones.
  • Literacy-rich classroom environments: Our programs focus heavily on reading and language skills.
  • Computer access to promote technology skills: These skills are necessary in today’s technological society.
  • Creative expression through music, dance, and art programs: Incorporating creative activities helps keep our curriculum well-rounded.
  • Low child-teacher ratios: Each child deserves the opportunity for one-on-one interaction and instruction.

Another reason Discovery Point Hickory Flat is the ideal local choice for child care is the high standards we hold. Our team takes the health and safety of each child very seriously. This is evident in the extensive measures we have in place, which range from accommodating allergy restrictions to conducting visitor ID screenings.

Many Discovery Point locations have been recognized on both a national and state level for our advanced instruction. These recognitions include NAEYC, AdvancED, and Quality Rated (Georgia). Contact us for more information about these certifications, and we’ll be happy to share with you.

Learn More About Our Educational Child Care in Canton

If you’re ready to learn more about our educational child care in the Canton area, contact us today! We offer tours of our daycare center to give you a look at how we inspire the growth and development of children in our community, including the areas of Holly Springs, Buffington, and Hickory Flat, as well as the surrounding communities.

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