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April 5, 2017

Encouraging Outdoor Play to Improve Development

There are a number of ways that your child can grow and develop, including the curriculum to help their educational growth and more. However, while this is definitely an important aspect, it is also critical to understand how outdoor play can be beneficial in improving childhood development. Our team understands the benefits involved and we work hard to ensure this is a part of a child’s routine so they can develop in the best manner possible.

Improvement in Social Skills

One of the most beneficial aspects of outside play is the possibility of your child to spend time with his or her peers, building friendships and improving social skills. Having social skills can assist in increasing self-esteem and confidence as well, as it allows your child to speak with the other children and have strong friendships.

Physical Growth

Getting outside is more than just having a good time. It allows your child to get some time off the chairs and exercising. This means they are getting some much needed time on their feet, can maintain their health, and get their blood flowing regularly.

Increases Attention Span

The more the child plays outside, it can help increase their attention span as they focus on the games they are playing. The exposure to natural settings helps in reducing the symptoms that are often present when children have attention deficit conditions.

Kids Get Vitamin D

An added benefit of playing outside is the ability for children to get some vitamin D from the natural sunlight. There are also a lot of kids who suffer from vitamin D deficiencies and this is a natural way to get some extra supplements.

At Discovery Point of Howell Ferry, we make it a priority to give the children the advancements they need to develop in the most positive manner possible. You can have peace of mind knowing that our team has the knowledge necessary to make sure your child is growing at their own pace.

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