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August 16, 2021
baby smiling while playing at infant daycare in Harrison

Infant Daycare in Harrison: Check Out Discovery Point Hunter Road

Whether you are a first-time parent or already have children, finding care for your infant can be stressful. You want them to be safe and comfortable while also developing new age-appropriate skills. Our infant daycare in the Harrison area provides comprehensive and compassionate care. Keep reading below to learn more about Discovery Point Hunter Road and our programs.

Comprehensive Infant Daycare Near Harrison

Our infant daycare programs are perfect for little ones between the ages of 6 weeks and 12 months. We focus on providing a safe and caring environment for our youngest students. Our teachers are able to encourage skill development for your child as well.

We have adopted a whole-child approach in our programs. This means we focus on learning and development while also allowing our students to have fun. We encourage development across the spectrum, including social, physical, and intellectual skill-building. This ensures your little one is growing and learning at a pace comfortable for them.

Here are the key elements of our infant daycare for the Harrison area:

  • Strict health and safety procedures
  • Low child-teacher ratios
  • Separate outdoor play area for infants and toddlers
  • Strong communication between teachers and parents
  • One-on-one attention and care
  • Focus on language and literacy development

Our infant daycare programs are hosted in uniquely-designed classrooms in the Harrison area. Each room features an open layout, which maximizes teacher supervision and allows for exploration. We also use only age-appropriate toys and materials to keep our students safe. Your child will have an assigned storage space for their diapers, wipes, formula, and other personal belongings. In our bright and educational environment, your little one will be able to learn, play, and grow. 

Learn More About Discovery Point Hunter Road

At Discovery Point Hunter Road, we are proud to provide care that meets your family’s needs. Our infant programs are compassionate and comprehensive. For families located in Harrison, Ooltewah, or the surrounding areas, we are your choice for local, trusted care.

If you are new to our programs, we offer a free tour of our center. This will help you become more acquainted with our staff and programs. You can also see the child-friendly design of our classrooms and our infant play area. Visit or call us today to schedule your tour.

To get started with our infant daycare in the Harrison area, call Discovery Point Hunter Road today at (423) 344-4422.