Infant Daycare in Loganville: Care for Your Precious Little One

When it comes to choosing infant daycare in Loganville, trust is paramount, and every aspect of care matters, from quality and safety to open communication and a nurturing environment. At Discovery Point Hwy 81, we combine learning and play in a fun, safe environment, and are proud to be the trusted choice for daycare for so many parents in Loganville. 

Locally owned and operated in Loganville, our infant daycare program is open to infants 6 weeks through 12 months of age, providing little ones in our community a “home away from home.” We keep our teacher to infant ratios low to ensure every child receives focused attention and care, and provide parents with daily reports on their child’s activities. 

Safety is always top of mind at Discovery Point Hwy 81. We follow stringent health and safety procedures and policies throughout our center, giving parents peace of mind that their children are safe and secure. For added safety, we have separate playground areas for our infant and toddler classrooms. 

Our Approach to Infant Daycare in Loganville

At Discovery Point Hwy 81, we combine gentle play, loving arms, and learning in a safe, fun environment. We know that each child enrolled in our infant daycare program has their own schedule and care needs. 

We work with parents to understand their child’s routines and keep an open line of communication for changes. With daily reports, we keep parents up to date on their child’s day, including routine, diaper changes, feedings, and development.

At Discovery Point Hwy 81, we believe that children are born with curiosity and a love of language. Our curriculum encourages infants to interact and explore the world around them, building social skills through fun and laughter. Our teachers are caring, gentle, and keep infants engaged with fun activities and a joyful approach to learning.  

About Our Infant Rooms at Discovery Point Hwy 81

At Discovery Point Hwy 81, our infant room is specially designed for safety and to encourage play, language, and development. Bright and cheerful, it allows teachers a clear view of every child in their care. There are designated spaces to store each child’s personal items, including formula, food, diapers, and wipes.

With safety always top of mind, our infant room has soft edges and surfaces, childproof electrical outlets, and infants have their own separate playground area. We sanitize toys in the infant room throughout the day, and sheets are washed at the end of each day.

With fun and engaging teachers, age-appropriate toys, and a warm and welcoming environment designed for learning and growth, we make infant daycare joyful for children in Loganville.  

Ready to learn more about our infant daycare program in Loganville? Call Discovery Point Hwy 81 today at (678) 639-1203 to schedule a visit and tour. We’re enrolling now!

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