Prepare for School with our Pre-Kindergarten Program in Loganville

Educational child care from Discovery Point Hwy 81 strives to raise the quality of care and education for children in the local community. Our state-funded pre-kindergarten program offers a fun and joyful learning environment for children throughout Loganville. We work with families to learn what sparks curiosity in their children so we can provide individualized instruction. Families know their children will feel nurtured and happy when coming to our Pre-K center.

The pre-kindergarten program from Discovery Point Hwy 81 helps 4 and 5 year olds throughout Loganville prepare for the transition from preschool to kindergarten. Our early childhood teachers are trained to provide instruction that suits the current developmental stage of your child. We feel children need cognitive stimulation, physical activity, and social development in order to succeed. We provide these by:

  • Engaging children in learning styles to meet their individual needs.
  • Creating an environment where children have fun while learning.
  • Using educational and active play to instill an eagerness to learn.
  • Fostering a nurturing environment that is like a second home.

Our Pre-Kindergarten Program Objectives in Loganville

Our pre-kindergarten program is designed to help children throughout Loganville succeed not only in school, but in life. Children grow in countless ways during our program and we love to see their personalities shine. Our whole child approach to care will help build the confidence and skills your little one needs as they get ready to enter kindergarten.

Some objectives of our Pre-K program include:

students learn baking at our pre-kindergarten program in Loganville
  • Improving literacy through the use of books, writing, and storytelling.
  • Providing self-help skills to help children develop safety and independence.
  • Developing language skills with music, dramatic play, and conversation.
  • Supporting cognitive growth through math, problem solving, and science.
  • Growing fine motor skills with regular physical activity and outdoor play.
  • Developing social skills by working together as a class and in small groups.

Schedule a Pre-K Tour Today

We invite you to come by and take a tour of our center so you can see for yourself what sets us apart from other pre-kindergarten programs. Our Pre-K program is funded by the Georgia lottery. Our bright and open rooms, age appropriate playground areas, and attention to safety are just a few of the reasons families choose us for child care. You can also speak with our director and meet our teachers to get a feel for our Pre-K program.

If your family is looking for a pre-kindergarten program in the Loganville area, come see us at Discovery Point Hwy 81.

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