Before & After School Programs in Loganville

At Discovery Point Hwy 81, we understand that working parents need a child care solution they can count on. Our before and after school programs in Loganville provide school age children with an engaging and educational space where they can continue their social and academic growth even when the school day’s over. You can rely on us to inspire your child to fall in love with learning while meeting his or her needs and providing a comfortable environment for care.

What to Expect: Our Before & After School Programs in Loganville

Take a look at some of the things that parents and school age children alike love about our before and after school programs:

  • Our comfortable facility. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that our child care center is a comfortable place for school agers to enjoy some downtime. From private bathrooms and age-separate play areas to nutritious meal and snack options, we’ve covered every detail so that your child will feel right at home.
  • Our age-appropriate activities. Our programs provide plenty of opportunities for school agers to participate in fun activities, including interactive team-building exercises, exciting projects, and peer-to-peer play. We also offer a large selection of children’s literature, access to our technology resources, a range of school supplies, and assistance with homework.
  • Our transportation options. We know that it can be tough for working parents to arrange transportation during the work day. Our state-approved and inspected buses make it easier for students from some public schools to get from point A to point B.
homework assistance at our after school programs in Loganville

Inspiring School Agers in Loganville

With an exciting educational environment to spend time in before and after school, your child will naturally develop a love of the learning process. We focus on inspiring children to follow their natural curiosity and explore new interests all while building important skills and discovering more about themselves as individuals.

We know that busy parents’ child care needs don’t stop on days when school isn’t in session. That’s why our programs for school agers aren’t limited to official school days. We also offer care over holiday breaks, on teacher work days, and at other times when you may need a trustworthy child care solution.

Don’t hesitate to learn more about what makes our before and after school programs in Loganville so special. Give Discovery Point Hwy 81 a call today at (678) 639-1203 to get started with a free tour of our daycare center.

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