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February 24, 2020
2020 summer camp

Summer Camp in Loganville: Go for the Gold!

Are you starting to think about your child’s summer activities? At Discovery Point Hwy 81, we are excited to announce our 2020 summer camp: Go for the Gold! With the Summer Olympics as our inspiration, we have lots of medal-worthy activities planned to give children in Loganville a fun and educational summer.

About Our 2020 Summer Camp in Loganville

This year’s gold medal theme focuses on building confidence and teaching perseverance. Each week, campers will be able to explore new concepts and build on their existing knowledge. Our well-rounded approach to summer camp is the perfect way to make the most of your child’s vacation from school. Read below to learn what you can expect from our program.

We incorporate lots of activities to keep our students active and excited about learning. Here are some of the activities we include in our summer camp:

kids at summer camp in Loganville
  • Field trips
  • Cooking projects
  • Physical fitness challenges
  • Arts and crafts
  • Educational talks from guest speakers
  • Science experiments
  • Puzzles, games, and riddles

Summer can often be a time where school-aged children forget or regress on the skills they learned during the previous year. At Discovery Point Hwy 81, we incorporate education into our fun summer programs. Our instructors focus heavily on literature, but we also bring in concepts from science, technology, art, and math.

To keep everyone engaged and excited, we will have a different unit each week. Keeping with our “go for the gold” theme, our students will take a journey through different periods of gold. From Egyptian gold, to the California Gold Rush, to the Olympic gold in Japan, we will build excitement each week and learn new lessons.

Our summer camp in Loganville allows local children to socialize with their peers and build lifelong skills. We encourage team building, critical thinking, friendship, self-development, and confidence. You can rest assured your child will have fun and continue building their knowledge with our programs!

Enroll at Discovery Point Hwy 81 Today!

We encourage you to call or stop by our child care center. We are happy to help you find the perfect program for your child, as well as give you a tour of our facility. Our team makes the process easy and comfortable for you and your little one.

For more information about our 2020 summer camp, contact us today! We are happy to have children from Loganville join us, as well as those from Grayson and Youth.