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April 30, 2019
summer camp

Discover Our Exciting Summer Camp Opportunities in Valrico!

Are you looking for an educational way to keep your child in Valrico busy this summer season? At Discovery Point Kings Mill, our summer camp program keeps children inspired while providing them with plenty of educational activities and outlets for fun and creative expression. We’ve designed our program for summer 2019 to encourage campers to discover their inner superhero as they learn important life lessons and build skills that they can take back to the classroom. Our schedule of fun-fueled hands-on activities and adventurous daytrips allow children to look forward to new experiences every day. In addition, we help your child work on language development by using children’s literature as the foundation for all of our themed activities. Want to learn more about what we have in store for children in Valrico this summer? Read on for details about our “Mighty Me!” summer camp program.

A Summer Camp for Your Mini Superhero in Valrico

Our program inspires children to invest in their own strengths and unique talents while working to develop new skills and explore new interests. At Discovery Point Kings Mill, we’ve structured this program into themes found in our weekly readings, giving campers the chance to appreciate how lessons learned through literature can come into play during real-life situations. Each week, our activities connect back to these themes and reinforce important values such as the following:

outdoor activity at our summer camp in Valrico
  • Sportsmanship. We concentrate on the importance of teamwork and fair play as campers embark on fun challenges and competitions.
  • Self-esteem. We help campers sharpen their individual talents and shine a light on what makes them unique.
  • Friendship. Our summer camp in Valrico provides children with plenty of chances to make friends and socialize with their peers while practicing kindness and respect.
  • Self-reliance. At Discovery Point Kings Mill, we offer imaginative scenarios that prompt children to be resourceful and self-reliant.
  • Health & fitness. We’ve intentionally implemented plenty of physical movement into our program, as well as important lessons regarding health and the human body.
  • Creativity. Our projects inspire campers to rely on their imaginations as they become creative visionaries.
  • Critical thinking. Campers hone in on their problem-solving skills to unravel unsolved mysteries and complete brainteasers, riddles, and puzzles.

Don’t hesitate to learn more about the fun that our summer camp program offers. Contact Discovery Point Kings Mill at (813) 661-3517 for details, or take a moment to visit our child care center in Valrico for more information about what we have in store for summer 2019.