Discovery Point Blog

April 3, 2013

Private Kindergarten and First Grade Program

We have been so pleased with the results of the inaugural year of our Kindergarten and 1st Grade program. The students are showing tremendous progress this year! Our Kindergarten and First Grade program centers around specialized attention and instruction that goes above and beyond the Common Core standards mandated in the public school classroom. With small class sizes, individual attention, and learning disguised as fun, our program is designed to reach students of all learning levels. Our curriculum is centered around the Common Core Standards, with an experience based approach designed to stimulate a child’s natural love of learning and exploring. While we challenge our students academically, we also have a focus on social and emotional skills, which is crucial in the development of young minds.

Students Eligible for VPK 2014-2015

Based on their performance on the Period One VPK Assessment, children who are currently registered for VPK in the fall,as well as children who have completed a Florida VPK program, will be eligible for Kindergarten. These students will be required to complete two years in this K-1 program to be eligible for Second Grade. All VPK Standards will be covered early in the year before moving on the Kindergarten Standards.

Students Eligible for Kindergarten 2014-2015

Students graduating VPK this spring will complete the Kindergarten standards at the beginning of next year, and move forward with the First Grade standards. Parents of VPK students graduating 2013 with birthdays falling before December, will be given the option of testing their children against the First Grade standards at the end of the 2013 -2014 school year; allowing them to move directly to the second grade when they graduate from our program.