Infant Daycare in Lutz: Care for Your Precious Little One

When choosing a care provider for your little one, you’ll probably consider quality of care, safety, and trustworthiness. At Discovery Point Lutz, our goal is to be a second home where your child can learn and grow. Our infant daycare in Lutz provides unique and educational care for infants ages 6 weeks to 12 months.

Our Approach to Infant Daycare

At Discovery Point Lutz, we take a careful, loving, and educational approach to infant daycare. We know that your choice of child care provider is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a parent. We work hard to provide an atmosphere that mirrors your home and supports your child in the same ways you do at home. 

We believe in active communication between our parents and teachers. Each day, we provide a report that recaps your child’s day including feedings, diaper changes, activities, and developmental achievements. If your child is teething, had a rough night’s sleep, or just not having a great morning, let us know so we can take extra care to ensure he or she has a good day at our center.

At Discovery Point Lutz, we like to mix valuable education into our daily child care programs. For our infant daycare, this means helping your little one lay the foundation for some lifelong skills. Through daily interaction with the teacher and classmates, your child will begin to build language, literacy, and social skills.

With our infant daycare program, you can also expect low child-teacher ratios, care that is loving and kind, and cheerful personalized attention each day.

About Our Infant Rooms

We have specially-designed infant rooms that help to enhance our educational care every day. From the overall design of the room to the safety measures we have in place, your child will thrive in our fun and secure learning environment.

Each room has an open play area filled with age-appropriate toys and materials. The open design allows for easy supervision from the teacher, and the toys help your child embrace new experiences and explore new ideas.

Every child’s safety is important to us. Our rooms have soft edges throughout to protect your child while they are crawling, pulling up, or walking. We also keep the toys and surfaces sanitized throughout the day, as well as wash the bedding daily.

Stop by Discovery Point Lutz today or schedule a tour to learn more about our infant daycare options.

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