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May 25, 2021
Two babies in Full Time Daycare in Dallas

Preschool in Alpharetta: What You Can Expect from Our Curriculum

If your child is between the ages of 2 and 4, we’d love to have them join our preschool program in Alpharetta. Our learning center offers a curriculum-based program that includes educational content, play, and interaction with peers. 

About Our Curriculum-Based Preschool in Alpharetta

Our preschool program follows The Creative Curriculum®, which is specifically designed for children at this stage. It allows our teachers to follow a whole-child approach. This means our curriculum includes activities and lessons that encourage intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development. Our curriculum is research-based and comprehensive, so you can feel confident with your child in our care.

Our program features the following key components:

  • Strong focus on literacy and language development
  • Themed reading selections, storytelling, and writing activities
  • Music, dramatic play, puppets, and conversation
  • Outdoor play encourages movement and exercise
  • Activities for building confidence and self-esteem
  • Social skill development through team work and group play
  • Inclusion of science, reading, math, and art lessons

At Discovery Point Midway, we have a team of teachers who are trained in early childhood education. They provide guidance for each student throughout the day, helping them learn new skills. Not only are our teachers here to supervise your child, but they’re also here to teach and inspire them. This is how our team has redefined typical child care. We want to be a source of educational care and encouragement for your little one.

Our teachers also keep a portfolio for each student, which includes your child’s achievements and growth. We’ll keep you informed on your child’s progress along the way so you can see how they are performing in each area.

Get Started with Discovery Point Midway

Our teachers, staff, and owners are all local individuals who are passionate about child care. We hold a strong connection to our community and are proud to provide educational care for local children. Our programs are available to families located in Milton, Alpharetta, Cumming, and the surrounding areas.

Interested in enrolling your child at our preschool? We invite you to schedule a tour! This is a great way to learn more about our programs and see the child-friendly design of our facility. We can also answer any questions you have at this time to determine if it’s a good fit.

Call us at (770) 664-1773 to schedule your tour and learn more about our preschool in Alpharetta.