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June 8, 2023
Two children being fed at our Day Care Center in Fayetteville

Day Care Center in Fayetteville: How to Enroll Your Child

Enrolling your child in any program can seem overwhelming. Doing research, contacting locations, and filling out forms can take up a lot of your precious time. At our day care center in Fayetteville, you will find an easy-to-follow enrollment process. Our goal is to inform you about our programs and help you find the right fit for your child. We are sharing more details below about Discovery Point Fayetteville and how you can enroll your child.

How to Enroll Your Child at Our Day Care Center

As a parent with a busy schedule, you need an enrollment process that is quick, convenient, and simple. The enrollment process for our day care center is just that. We want you to learn as much as possible about our programs before filling out the enrollment forms.

Here are the simple steps you will follow to enroll your child in Discovery Point Fayetteville:

  • Contact our day care center
  • Schedule a free tour
  • Fill out the enrollment forms
  • Choose your child’s start date
  • Begin preparing for their first day

When you first contact our center, our team is eager to learn more about your child. We can discuss how our programs will meet their needs and accommodate any allergies, scheduling needs, and developmental concerns. Our team also understands the importance of cost. We are happy to discuss the cost of our care, including our part-time and full-time programs. This is also a great time to address any questions you have about us and the care we offer.

While you are in contact with us, we encourage you to schedule a complimentary tour of our day care center. Your tour will include a look inside our classrooms and the opportunity to see our programs in action. You will also learn more about our safety and security measures. Our teachers and director look forward to speaking with you during the tour as well.

The remaining steps in our enrollment process are simple. You will fill out the enrollment forms, which are available to download on our website. Then, you can choose your child’s start date and begin preparing for their first day with Discovery Point Fayetteville. We can’t wait to welcome them into our care!

Get Started with Discovery Point Fayetteville

We have been serving the area with comprehensive childcare programs for nearly 16 years. We are passionate about early childhood education and development, which is evident in the design of our programs. Our day care center serves families throughout the following communities:

  • Fayetteville
  • Lovejoy
  • Jonesboro
  • Tyrone
  • And throughout the surrounding area

To learn more about our day care center, call Discovery Point Fayetteville today at (770) 461-7322.