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November 24, 2020
two children eating a meal at full time daycare in Fayetteville

Our Full Time Daycare in Fayetteville

Looking for a full time daycare in the Fayetteville area? Turn to Discovery Point Fayetteville! We offer educational child care programs for children of all ages. Our emphasis on making learning fun gives students the opportunity to follow their natural curiosity and gain confidence as they build important skills.

Giving Parents in Fayetteville Peace of Mind

Parents throughout the local area trust our child care center for a number of reasons. Here are just a few of the different aspects of our programs that parents appreciate:

  • Our commitment to child safety and security. Our number one priority is the safety of your child. That’s why we’ve constructed our center from the ground up to include a range of safety features, from open floor plan classrooms to age-separate play areas and limited building access.
  • Our quality assurance program. You can rely on us to provide high-quality child care at all times thanks to our rigorous quality assurance program. Each month, our facility is evaluated on adherence to standards that exceed state regulations.
  • Our passionate instructors. Our teachers are equipped to provide individualized instruction for students. As each child learns differently, these personally tailored techniques can go a long way in helping students make progress.
  • Our low student-to-teacher ratios. Students always have access to the one-on-one attention and nurturing care they crave because we maintain low student-to-teacher ratios.
  • Our approach to nutrition. We know how important it is to keep children fueled and energetic throughout the day. Our on-site kitchen prepares healthy meals and snacks that not only nourish growing minds and bodies, but also set the stage for a lifelong love of nutritious foods.
  • Our research-backed curriculum. As a framework for hands-on learning, we utilize the Abeka Curriculum® Creative Curriculum®, which is nationally recognized and grounded in scientific research.

Enroll in Our Full Time Daycare Program Today!

We invite you to come tour our center to learn more about enrolling your child in our program. As part of this obligation-free tour, you can expect to have all of your questions answered and your concerns addressed by our helpful team.

Enrollment is available for children in:

  • Fayetteville
  • Kenwood
  • Heritage Lake
  • North Ridge
  • Princeton Trace
  • And the surrounding areas

For details about enrolling in our full time daycare program, contact Discovery Point Fayetteville today at (770) 461-7322 or visit our center in person to join a free tour.