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May 2, 2022
Child crawling through a tunnel during child care services in Oakwood

Child Care Services Near Oakwood: Connecting Families and Education

As you consider child care services in the Oakwood area, it’s important to find somewhere that offers comprehensive and convenient care. Our programs at Discovery Point Oakwood are designed to provide exceptional care for local children and bring balance to each family’s busy schedule. We are sharing more details below about our range of programs and our comprehensive approach to child care.

How Our Child Care Services Connect Local Families with Education

At Discovery Point Oakwood, we have created a community of care. Our team always works closely with the parents and guardians of our students. This helps us meet the needs of both students and parents. We fully support various career types and schedules, which is why our programs are both convenient and flexible. Our child care services also include comprehensive and educational programs that will benefit young children.

Our unique approach includes top-notch care and an educational focus. Each of our programs are curriculum-based, offering well-rounded content for our students. We support holistic growth and development in our programs as well. Children between the ages of 6 weeks and 12 years old will build intellectual, physical, emotional, and social skills in our care.

Here are some key aspects of our child care services:

  • Teachers trained in early childhood education
  • Strong focus on literacy and language development
  • Creative expression through art, crafts, and dance
  • Age-separate outdoor play areas
  • Nutritious meals served daily
  • Rigorous cleaning and sanitization measures
  • Keypad-locked entrance
  • Visitor ID screenings conducted daily
  • Limited building access
  • Quality evaluations and inspections

Our programs are hosted in our inspirational and open-concept classrooms. We have designed each room with the students’ ages in mind. Our teachers use age-appropriate content, activities, and materials to inspire a lifelong love of learning for our students. 

Connect with Discovery Point Oakwood

As your local resource for comprehensive child care services, we are passionate about providing educational care for children in our community. If your family resides in Oakwood, Flowery Branch, Gainesville, or the surrounding area, consider our programs for your child.

To get started with our child care services in the Oakwood area, call us at (770) 967-4170. We can help you schedule a complimentary tour of our center, as well as answer any questions you have about our services. Our team will be happy to guide you through the process of finding the appropriate program to meet your family’s needs.