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November 24, 2020
two children eating a meal at full time daycare in Flowery Branch

Our Full Time Daycare in Flowery Branch

Are you in search of an educational child care option in the Flowery Branch area? At Discovery Point Oakwood, our full time daycare inspires children to fall in love with the learning process. We encourage young learners to embrace their innate sense of wonder and follow their natural curiosity. Rather than separating learning and play, we combine them to make learning fun.

About Our Full Time Daycare

Children love learning with us and know they can receive the nurturing care and assistance they need at any time. Here’s how we provide exceptional child care services that promote children’s safety, comfort, and development:

  • We ensure our students feel at home. Our goal is to become an extension of the home environment so students can feel free to be themselves.
  • We offer individualized support and attention. As we keep our student-to-teacher ratios low, we have the ability to provide one-on-one care and personally tailored learning techniques for each child.
  • We serve meals and snacks that are both tasty and healthy. We help children understand the importance of fueling their bodies with healthy foods by serving them USDA-approved menus that have been prepared in our on-site kitchen.
  • We encourage social and emotional development. Our instructors strive to give children the support they need to build confidence, self-esteem, and lasting relationships with their peers.
  • We promote hands-on learning. We work with a research-backed curriculum package called Creative Curriculum® by Teaching Strategies®. This curriculum prompts students to take a hands-on, self-driven approach to their own education, making learning a fun adventure.
  • We lay the foundation for early literacy. Our child care center offers a literature-rich environment that enables children to experience the magic of the written word early on in their developmental process.

Tour Our Child Care Center in the Flowery Branch Area

Are you ready to see our educational approach to child care with your own eyes? Join a free tour of our center to learn more about what we offer! You’ll have the opportunity to interact with our passionate staff members, explore our programs for different age groups, and decide whether our center is the right fit for your child.

We welcome children throughout the local area to enroll, including those in:

  • Flowery Branch
  • Oakwood
  • Gainesville
  • And nearby towns

For details about enrolling your child in our full time daycare, reach out to us today at (770) 967-4170. You can also visit our child care center in person to join a no-cost, no-obligation tour of our facility in the Flowery Branch area.